2018 NA LCS Spring Split: Week 1 predictions

The 2018 Spring Split is here for the NA LCS, its first since franchising. Let’s take a look at the week 1 matchups and what to watch for.

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Game 1: TSM vs TL

The instinct when you see these teams names together here is to yell “TSM” while quickly scrolling to the next section of the article. But hold your horses, it might be worthwhile to consider Team Liquid’s ability against the NA giants. With a majorly upgraded roster comes a new challenge.

Obviously TSM look incredibly strong this season, but it is fair to point out the amazing talent TL boasts. For one, Doublelift… the adc who is not only one of the better in the west, but has also played alongside TSM, giving him a lot of experience and inner knowledge of the team. The power to read a team’s gameplay with experience and insight should not go understated. 

Another point that should keep us on our toes before we inevitably choose TSM would be the jungle match up. TSM should be proud of having one of the most promising rookie junglers in the region on their team, but they should also keep in mind that MikeYeung is just that: a rookie jungler. 

Team Liquid, on the other hand, have Summer Split All-Star jungler Xmithie. A proven master of the jungler this absolutely nothing rookie about ’em. Xmithie absolutely dominated in his time on Immortals, and with arguably better weapons on this Team Liquid squad (including some old Immortals pals, All-Star support Olleh and mid Pobelter,) this could be Xmithie’s time to shine even brighter. And when put up against a youngster who has something to prove, you can bet Xmithie will be eager to put his opponents KDA to shame through experience and tact. 

All in all TSM’s bes chance is to take some early advantage and use their overpowering raw talent of Hauntzer, Bjergsen, mithy, and Sven to quickly knock the game into their hands, but if the game drags past 35 minutes, expect TL to pull it out with their team of superb experience.



Game 2: 100 Thieves vs. Optic Gaming

It’s good to be careful judging a team that has never played competitively before, but that’s why it’s so important to look at the history. For more on this 100 Thieves lineup heading into the Spring Split, read more here.


The bot lane of this game will be supported by two experienced summoners with lengthy League histories in Aphromoo and LemonNation, who will have a lot of pressure on their shoulders to provide the team with a consistent backbone. 

Much like game 1, the jungle matchup will be a very interesting aspect to watch this game with ex-C9 jungler Meteos sporting the smite for 100 Thieves against Akaadian, the ex-Echo Fox player who was known for being quite aggressive, but not necessarily all that good or consistent on the rift.

The other lanes have experienced players at their command and will only have their outcome shown after the game is over, but with a playmaking game from Aphromoo and a demanding posture from Meteos, it is likely that 100 Thieves will come out on top in their first LCS match, choking out Optic with superior team play. 


100 Thieves

Game 3: CLG vs Cloud9

Two teams that were tied for their W/L ratio last split should make for a very entertaining and high-skilled match in our kickoff to the Spring Split. This is the battle you do NOT want to miss if you can only spare time to watch one match Saturday.  

Both teams hold great talent with a dominant history in the region, and won’t settle for anything less than a crushing victory to set the tone for their split. It’s fantastic explosive matchups up and down the Rift.

But in this tightly contested match, it would seem that C9 will come out on top. Despite the highly praised power of Reignover and Huhi, the concrete foundation of Sneaky, Svenskeren, and Jensen across the rift for C9 will prove to be a bit overwhelming to the explosive solo lanes of CLG. 



That’s it for our Spring Split week 1 predictions, be sure to watch all of the matches for the opening day! It’s a Saturday after all. 

And good luck to all teams named Echo Fox.

Let us know what you think about the NA LCS Spring Split week 1 games below!