2018 Mid-Season Invitational: Schedule released

MSI is nearly here and the schedule has been released. Find out when you can catch all the games.

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(Image Credit: Chris Yunker)

MSI arrives on Thursday 3 May 2018 and we couldn’t be more excited. The winners of each regional league will join together in Berlin to flex their muscles and battle it out on the Rift to be crowned the champions of League of Legends. Well, at least until Worlds rolls around!

The tournament comprises three different stages: the Play-in stage, the Group stage, and the Knockout stage. We’ve previously covered how the tournament’s stages will work, so this article will summarize the tournament’s schedule.

Play-in stage

The Play-in stage will run from May 3rd to May 6th. The following teams will play:

Round One


Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Game One (1pm CEST) Gambit Esports vs Kaos Latin Gamers BAUSuperMassiveeSports vs Dire Wolves Ascension Gaming vs Gambit Esports PENTAGRAM vs BAUSuperMassiveeSports
Game Two (2pm CEST) Rainbow7 vs Ascension Gaming KaBuM! e-Sports vs PENTAGRAM Kaos Latin Gamers vs Rainbow7 Dire Wolves vs KaBuM! e-Sports
Game Three (3pm CEST) Gambit Esports vs Ascension Gaming BAUSuperMassiveeSports vs PENTAGRAM Ascension Gaming vs Rainbow7 PENTAGRAM vs KaBuM! e-Sports
Game Four (4pm CEST) Rainbow7 vs Kaos Latin Gamers KaBuM! e-Sports vs Dire Wolves Kaos Latin Gamers vs Gambit Esports Dire Wolves vs BAUSuperMassive eSports
Game Five (5pm CEST) Kaos Latin Gamers vs Ascension Gaming Dire Wolves vs PENTAGRAM Gambit Esports vs Rainbow7 BAUSuperMassive eSports vs KaBuM! e-Sports
Game Six  (6pm CEST) Rainbow7 vs Gambit Esports KaBuM! e-Sports vs BAUSuperMassive eSports Ascension Gaming vs Kaos Latin Gamers PENTAGRAM vs Dire Wolves

Round Two

The two winning teams from round one of the play-in stage will take part in round two. On May 8th, one winning team will face EVOS Esports, whilst on May 9th the other winning team will play Flash Wolves. Both matches will be a Bo5 and will start at 1pm CEST.

Group Stage

The winning two teams from the Play-In stage will advance to the Group stage, also known as the Main Event. The Group stage games will run over a five-day period between 11 May and 15 May.

Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five
Game One (11am CES) Fnatic vs TBC KING-ZONE DragonX vs Fnatic TBC vs Team Liquid KING-ZONE DragonX vs TBC Fnatic vs KING-ZONE DragonX
Game Two (12pm CEST) TBC vs TBC TBC vs TBC TBC vs Fnatic Fnatic vs TBC TBC vs TBC
Game Three (1pm CEST) KING-ZONE DragonX vs Team Liquid Team Liquid vs TBC KING-ZONE DragonX vs TBC TBC vs Team Liquid TBC vs Team Liquid
Game Four (2pm CEST) TBC vs Fnatic TBC vs KING-ZONE DragonX TBC vs Fnatic TBC vs TBC Fnatic vs TBC
Game Five (3pm CEST) Team Liquid vs TBC TBC vs TBC TBC vs TBC KING-ZONE DragonX vs TBC TBC vs KING-ZONE DragonX
Game Six (4pm CEST) TBC vs KING-ZONE DragonX Fnatic vs Team Liquid Team Liquid vs KING-ZONE DragonX Team Liquid vs Fnatic Team Liquid vs TBC

The top four teams from the Group Stage will progress to the Knockout stage. The semifinals and finals will be Bo5 matches and will be held in Paris on Friday 18 May and Sunday 20 May, respectively.

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