2018 EU LCS Spring Split week 6: Team Vitality vs Giants Gaming

Who will come out on top in this week’s 2018 EU LCS Spring Split game between Vitality and Giants Gaming?

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Week five of the EU LCS Spring Split was full of surprises, at both the top and bottom of the leader board. A revitalised H2k took home two wins over the weekend, whilst Vitality and Giants Gaming lost both of their week five games. With both Vitality and Giants still licking their wounds from week five, the question on everyone’s lips is which team will come out on top when they meet each other for the second time this Spring Split? 

Let’s take a look.

Giants are still middle of the pack

Giants had a rough ride during week five. Splyce, a traditionally late-game team, took home the quickest game of the EU LCS Spring Split so far at just 27:09 minutes. Momentum went in Splyce’s favour early, when kaSing took first blood onto Djoko at just under five minutes into the game. Djoko made no headway following this setback, and the rest of Giants also struggled. By the end of the game, only Steeelback had one kill to his name.

Giants’s second game of week five against Unicorns of Love went no better. Despite it being widely predicted that Giants would take the win against the struggling UOL, the Unicorns battled out of the gates and eased into a convincing win. Both Exileh on Zoe and Samux on Ezreal were insanely fed, both finishing with a KDA of 9/1/9. UOL used this advantage to punish Giants in the 33:29 minute long game, and UOL finished over 10k gold ahead of Giants.

Can Vitality get back on track?

Last week was also a tough week for Team Vitality. Not only did they lose both their games against G2 Esports and H2k, but they also lost their sole top-spot of the EU LCS leader board. Now tied first with G2 Esports and Fnatic, Vitality have a lot to prove to show that they’re still capable of staying at the top.

Many in Europe may question where Vitality’s spark went in week five, and whether they can regain their composure for week six’s games. 

The biggest upset of week five was Vitality’s loss against H2k, which H2k comfortably won in just 33:01 minutes. Aside from one huge play by Jiizuke on Ryze at 30 minutes, which saw a flash onto Sheriff that allowed Vitality to pick up an ace, Vitality had no other answer to H2k’s revamped roster throughout the game. This led to Vitality’s second defeat in as many games, and many left wondering where their spark had gone.

Although Vitality won their last game against Giants Gaming, the question is whether Vitality can pick themselves up and take home another win. Vitality vs Giants is the penultimate game scheduled on Friday 23rd February and is expected to start around 9pm CET. Coverage of Friday’s games will start from 6pm CET. You can catch all the action on the LoL Esports YouTube channel.

Who do you think will win, Vitality or Giants Gaming? Let us know in the comments below!