2018 EU LCS Spring Split week 6: Misfits vs. Vitality

Can a shaken Vitality stay at the top of the EU LCS leader board in week 6?

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Team Vitality have been one of the biggest surprises of the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split. Despite not being widely predicted to do well in the standings, Vitality have defied expectations week after week, and have risen to first place on the leader board.

However, G2 and Fnatic have been hot on Vitality’s heels, and after a poor performance in week five, Vitality are now in joint first place alongside G2 and Fnatic going into week six.

Misfits have also had their share of difficulties this Spring Split, and sit in joint fourth position in the standings alongside Giants Gaming, Splyce and ROCCAT coming into week six.

With the playoffs in sight, both Misfits and Vitality will give it their all to produce a win when they face each other this Saturday 24th February.

Misfits are struggling

Expectations have been high for Misfits this Spring Split following their performance at Worlds, however Misfits are still struggling to shine when it matters. Although they are placed joint fourth going into week six, Misfits are experiencing a run of losses, having only won one game out of their last five matches going into week six.

That win came during Misfits’ week five game against Unicorns of Love. There was plenty of action in mid lane during this 34:24 minute-long game. The turning point came at 16 minutes when a team fight went in Misfits favour when Alphari secured a double kill. From then on, Misfits had convincing control of the game and took the victory with little trouble.

Misfits’ second game of week five against G2 did not go as well, as Misfits struggled to contain Perkz and Hjarnan play after play. Ultimately, G2’s team fighting won out over Misfits, and G2 took their sixth victory in a row at 36:52 minutes.

If Misfits have any hopes of reaching the playoffs, then they will have to produce results in week six, and their much-needed win may come from defeating a deflated Vitality.

Vitality are losing momentum

Vitality looked unstoppable in the first four weeks of the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split, having only lost one game coming into week five. However, Vitality’s dominant grip over the EU LCS slipped, and they found themselves with a double loss after their week five games against G2 Esports and H2k.

Expectations were huge going into Vitality’s game against G2, with plenty of trash talk flying between both teams prior to the game. However, G2 came out on top, and produced a perfect game with 11 kills to nil. Despite Jankos being called one of the worst performing junglers recently in Europe by Gilius, Jankos produced an insane game on Zac, with 100% kill participation.

Unfortunately for Vitality, their second game of week five against H2k went no better, and H2k took home the win. In large part, H2k won due to their revitalised team roster and new jungler Shook, who also had 100% kill participation on Jarvan IV. Gilius had yet another difficult game and died twice on Jax just 13 minutes into the match, giving H2k a lead that they held until the end of the game at 33:01.

Vitality will look for redemption in week six, and will hope that their game against Misfits on Saturday will give them a win that should allow them to stay at the top of the leader board at the end of the week.

With a lot on the line for both teams, expect tensions to be high when Misfits and Vitality face off.

The game between Misfits and Vitality will be the final game scheduled for Saturday 24th February, with the game expected to start around 9pm CET. Coverage of all Saturday’s games will start at 5pm CET, which you can watch on the LoL Esports YouTube channel. 

Who do you think will win, Misfits or Vitality? Let us know in the comments below!