2018 EU LCS Spring Split week 6: Giants Gaming vs. H2k

Can a revitalised H2k beat Giants in Saturday’s week 6 EU LCS match-up?

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It is official: every team in the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split has now played each other at least once. Now that week six is in full swing, teams are eyeing up potential play-offs places and will do everything in their power to take home as many wins as they can in the latter weeks of the Spring Split.

Undoubtedly this will also be the goal for both Giants Gaming and H2k—two teams who have had very different Spring Splits so far. Although Giants started out well, they have recently fallen into a losing streak, and will look to gain back wins in week six. 

H2k had a poor start to the Spring Split, having only one win to their name by week four. However, thanks to a few roster shuffles, H2k are looking better than ever. 

Expect a heated clash when these two teams face off this Saturday, 24th February.


Giants are looking for a win

Giants had a difficult week five, losing both of their games to Splyce and Unicorns of Love.  Week four’s matches only went slightly better, with Giants losing one game to Fnatic but taking a win against Misfits. However, with just one win in the last four games, the pressure is on for Giants in week six to take home a win.

Whether Giants can perform is another question. Although Betsy and Ruin have had a good Spring Split so far, their whole team has had some underwhelming results of late. For example, in last week’s game against Splyce, Steeelback was the only member of Giants to even take a kill during the whole game. When you combine poor results with the fact that H2k look like a revitalised team, Giants might be in trouble.

H2k’s new roster is a force to be reckoned with

H2k have had a rollercoaster of a Spring Split. During week four it was announced that Selfie signed to H2k as their starting mid-laner. As a result, there was a roster shuffle which saw the team’s previous mid-laner Caedrel move to the jungle, whilst Santorin was benched.

In another attempt to revitalise the struggling team, H2k then announced in week five they had signed Shook as their new jungler, leaving Caedrel’s position within the team uncertain.  Although many would have considered it too late in the season to pull off such large roster changes, H2k are now getting results, and look as though they might be back on track to climb up the leader board.

Not only did they beat out ROCCAT during last week’s games, but they also took down Vitality in a shock victory. 

Shook’s starting week for H2k was also successful, with his Zac taking a double kill against ROCCAT at 33:20 and finishing the game with a KDA of 2/2/9.

H2k’s performance against Vitality was equally impressive, as many would have expected an easy victory to come for Vitality. Instead, the opposite happened, and H2k dominated all 33 minutes of the game. Selfie took out Gilius for first blood at 8:30, and Smittyj took Gilius out for a second time just after 13 minutes, allowing H2k to pull out in the lead.

With their success of week five behind them, H2k will look for another win in their game against Giants. Although Giants won the last time both teams faced each other, expect this game to be more unpredictable.

You can watch Giants take on H2k on Saturday 24th February. Coverage of all EU LCS games will start from 5pm CET, with the Giants match expected around 6pm CET. You can watch coverage of Saturday’s games on the LoL Esports YouTube channel. 

Who do you think will win, Giants Gaming or H2k? Let us know in the comments below!