100 Thieves vs FlyQuest: NA LCS Summer Playoffs quarterfinals preview

100 Thieves beat FlyQuest just six days ago. Can they pull it off again under playoffs pressure in a best of 5?

by Brandon Ridgely

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The NA LCS Summer Playoffs kicked off with a bang in TSM’s victory over Echo Fox. It’s now on to the other quarterfinal match, which pits 3rd place 100 Thieves against 6th place FlyQuest

100 Thieves are coming off a mixed final week of the 2018 Summer Split, but they still managed a top 3 season in the end with 12 wins and 8 losses. They also just beat FlyQuest just six days ago in a best of 1, which bodes very well for this extremely strategic team heading into a best of 5 against what could best be described as a barroom brawler. 

FlyQuest enter the NA LCS Summer Playoffs looking like one of the weakest teams contending. While they’ve had some strong 2-0 showings in some weeks this split, it’s been a mostly downhill run for this squad as of late. Revolving around WildTurtle’s playmaking talents, FlyQuest are a feast or famine squad that always brings excitement; grand strategy is not often their strong suit. They now face one of the best strategic teams in the league in a best of 5 for their Worlds lives. 

Who takes it home?

Matchup breakdowns:

Top lane

Will 100 Thieves get crushed in the top lane? Maybe Ssumday. When it comes down to consistently threatening opponents from the top lane, there’s perhaps none better than this legend. Ssumday has proven himself in the upper echelon of the upper part of the Rift in the NA LCS for a very long time, and it’s never been a worse time to doubt him. With the 4th best kda in the league in one of the most consistently dangerous positions, you can see why.

While their opponent will be one of the best, don’t think FlyQuest enter Summoner’s Rift lacking top lane talent in this playoffs matchup. Flame has been one of the best top laners in this league in the past. He’s certainly not matched this caliber in the Summer Split, but that doesn’t mean the beast isn’t still in him. The man who eclipsed his opponents in cs by triple digits so often it became named after him is still a threat. 

Verdict: Despite Flame’s pedigree, Ssumday is just too strong to be stopped. 100 Thieves in the top lane.


While 100 Thieves may not put their jungler at the front of the trophy case in this talent roster, AnDa has managed to stay consistent albeit slightly above average from the jungles this summer. The problem, of course, is that above average isn’t exactly what you want heading into the playoffs. 

FlyQuest bring a very interesting player to the jungles, one that has succeeded well in his time with the team this summer. Santorin has had a history that spans the League of Legends landscape, and now finds himself in the NA LCS Summer Playoffs as one of better junglers in the running. Get this man a Trundle pick and watch the fireworks. He boasts the 19th best kda in the league from one of the most aggressive positions, and that speaks volumes for his play.

Verdict: Santorin is a cut above in the jungles. FlyQuest take the matchup.

Mid lane

100 Thieves middle lane may not be the biggest priority but it’s been a boost for the team this split. Ryu doesn’t exactly crack many top 3’s in the NA mid lane scene but he’s shown that caliber before. He’s a streaky player that does best while being aggressive. If he gets a lead Ryu is as dangerous as any mid laner in the region, but it’s getting him there that can sometimes be the issue. With the 16th best kda in North America, Ryu looks to prove himself as an upper echelon player on par with some of his teammates when it matters most.

FlyQuest have dynamite lining up along the middle tower on Sunday, and we’ll soon see who gets hurt by the explosion. Keane for better or worse can be described as an impact player. As the midlaner most likely to die an absurd amount of times across his playoffs opening series, Keane looks to be one of the biggest hinderances to FlyQuest’s success overall. He will likely cause many deaths, but expect him to outpace it with his own.

Verdict: Ryu destroys Keane in the mid lane for 100 Thieves.

Bot lane

The story of this 100 Thieves bot lane mirrors their Sunday opponents, the keys to a dynasty lie within. Young standout Cody Sun is the North American prodigy in the adc position, and while he’s had his horrendous moments, he’s absolutely killed it this Summer Split. With the incredibly strategic veteran Aphromoo at his side, Cody Sun has continued to mature into a fantastic ad carry for this dynasty. He boasts the 4th best cs/min in the region, 7th best kda, and 12th best kill participation, and has the most experienced shot caller in North America fighting with him.

While 100 Thieves put their dynasty future in the hands of Cody Sun, FlyQuest have taken the approach with WildTurtle. The biggest problem the team face come Sunday, however, is not the adc matchup, but the supports. FlyQuest’s JayJ did once look like a good helper for WildTurtle to take over games, but that time has passed, and JayJ has been a noticeable weak point in recent showings. JayJ is fairly new to the stage and is certainly nothing to be compared to Aphromoo when it comes to veteran game sense and shot calling ability. Unfortunately for FlyQuest this list also includes ability to make plays and perform when it counts. 

Verdict: Cody Sun and Aphromoo destroy the bottom lane matchup for 100 Thieves.

Who moves on?

100 Thieves may have fallen short of their own high expectations, but don’t expect them to fall short to WildTurtle and friends on Sunday. 

Dominating both mechanically and strategically, expect this quarterfinal to end with a quick and crisp 3-0 victory for 100 Thieves, giving them a boost of confidence heading into the semifinals where they will face either Cloud9 or Team Liquid, depending on who Team Liquid select as their semifinal opponent.

Let us know what you think will happen in this NA LCS Summer Playoffs quarterfinal matchup in the comments below!


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