Here's when Knockout City will be released on different platforms

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Knockout City is finally arriving today!

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Keep reading ot find out all the latest KO City news, along with the exact time of the 'dodgebrawl' game's release on different platforms.


Latest - Knockout City release DELAYED on day of launch

Knockout City's official Twitter account has just announced that the release is delayed on certain consoles due to technical difficulties.

knockout city twitter release delayed
DELAYED DODGEBRAWL: Knockout City's release is delayed due to technical issues

Thankfully, Knockout City's launch will only be delayed on EA Desktop, however, this also affects the launch on Xbox Game Pass on PC.

This does not impact Origin, Steam, the Epic Store, or console players (including Xbox Game Pass Ultimate players on Console).

Launch for those platforms is still on schedule at 1pm BST / 8am ET / 2pm CET.

Knockout City Release Date

An official release date for Knockout City has been revealed.

knockout city release schedule
THE WAIT IS ALMOST OVER: The Knockout City release schedule has been set

Knockout City arrives on Friday, 21 May 2021 at approximately 1pm BST / 8am ET / 2pm CET.

Season 1 will kick off on Tuesday, 25 May.

10-day free trial available

The studio has just announced an in-game Block Party, granting a 10-day free trial to all.

From Friday, 21st May at 1pm BST / 8am EST until Sunday, 30th May at 1pm BST / 8am EST, Knockout City will be freely available to all players on all platforms.

knockout city xbox
FREE TASTER: Enjoy a 10-day free Knockout City trial before you choose to purchase the full game

It has not yet been made clear if you'll need a PS Plus subscription to join the fun.


During this Block Party period, not only will you be able to sample the game for free, but there's a whole bunch of stuff happening in and out of the arena.

Livestreams, exclusive gear, community tournaments, and more are scheduled for the game's launch period.

If you enjoy what you play during this free trial, you can go on to purchase the game and your progress will carry over.


Here's how much Knockout City will set you back, should you choose to purchase the full game following your 10-day free trial period.

On all platforms, Knockout City Standard Edition will cost $19.99 / £19.99.

There will also be a Knockout City Deluxe Edition, which will cost $29.98/£29.98

Official Trailer

The reveal trailer for Knockout City arrived on Wednesday, 17 February 2021.

Gameplay Features

Rule the city through lightning-fast multiplayer matches featuring mind-blowing dodgeball mechanics.

Increase the strength of your attack by passing to power up dodgeballs, targeting your opponents with a variety of specialized balls, or “Balling Up” at any time to get thrown (yes, like a ball) by teammates.


Assemble an All-Star dodgeball Crew with your friends for multiplayer matches in a seamless cross-play experience.

Together, knock out opponents in 3v3, 4v4, or free-for-all matches, and dominate as a team to unlock distinctive, Crew-only rewards.

For loads more details on the Knockout City gameplay features, click here.