Here's everything you need to know about Knockout City on PS5

The anticipation for the release of Knockout City is building with every passing day!

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So, we're bringing you all the information you need to know about Knockout City on the PlayStation 5.

Knockout City set for release on PS5

It has been confirmed that Knockout City will be available to play on the PlayStation 5.

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DREAM TEAM: Join up with your friends in the online dodgeball game

KO City will also be released on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

You will also be able to play the game as an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, or an EA Play subscriber (PC only).


KO City Release Date

Knockout City arrives on Friday, 21 May 2021.

Free trial available

The studio has just announced an in-game Block Party, granting a 10-day free trial to all.

From Friday, 21st May at 1pm BST / 8am EST until Sunday, 30th May at 1pm BST / 8am EST, Knockout City will be freely available to all players on all platforms.

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FREE TASTER: Enjoy a 10-day free Knockout City trial before you choose to purchase the full game

It has not yet been made clear if you'll need a PS Plus subscription to join the fun.


During this Block Party period, not only will you be able to sample the game for free, but there's a whole bunch of stuff happening in and out of the arena.

Livestreams, exclusive gear, community tournaments, and more are scheduled for the game's launch period.

If you enjoy what you play during this free trial, you can go on to purchase the game and your progress will carry over.

Knockout City achievement list revealed

The full Trophy list for Knockout City has emerged on PSNProfiles ahead of its launch this week.

There are 50 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, 16 of which are secret.

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ENJOY THE GRIND: It seems you'll need to put in some serious hours to unlock all the KO City achievements

The single gold Trophy requires you to earn 250,000 XP, and there's no telling how long that'll take.


You'll need to play 30 matches with a friend for one Trophy, and win 10 of those for another.

Competing in 100 matches total will net you another bronze, and winning 30 of those will bag you one more.

The list also asks you to score 1,000 knockouts, catch 1,000 balls, and make 1,000 assists.

You'll also need to win while wearing cosmetics of certain rarities, complete daily challenges, and partake in the game's Crew system.

Finally, there are a bunch of Trophies for getting a KO in certain locations, or specific ways.

For the full achievement list, click here.