Get to grips with all the locations in Knockout City

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There's so much going on in Knockout City, that you need to be familiar with your surroundings.

We've been through the various Ball Types, given an overview of the controls - now it's all about using the locations to your advantage.


Knockout Roundabout

Knockout Roundabout has you dodging past cars as much as you’re avoiding balls.

The never-ending stream of vehicles can be a blessing or a curse - use them as cover, ride one into a scrap, or escape by rolling underneath them.

Getting hit by a car won't do any damage, but it does make you a vulnerable target, so keep your whits about you.

Concussion Yard

In Concussion Yard, you'll look to demolish the other team in multiple ways.

Cranes are lifting, girders are flying, and yes, gigantic balls are swinging to destroy anyone in its way.


STAY SAFE - There's plenty of places to sneak up on your opponents

This map has plenty of height to take advantage of, with many opportunities to get the drop on a rival or rescue your outmatched teammates.

Whether you play better in open areas or enclosed spaces, Concussion Yard has some options for you.

Encourage the other team to play on your turf and pick them off.

Rooftop Rumble

In Rooftop Rumble, even a penthouse view is worse than what you see as you face your opponents atop these two skyscrapers.


Of course, brawling this high up isn’t exactly safe.

WATCH YOUR STEP - Going off the edge and that's a point lost

That’s not just your imagination: up here, the gusts are fierce, so high winds will carry your Glider between the two buildings without the usual slow descent you’re used to.

Don’t feel like gliding? No sweat! There’s a precariously placed bridge connection for a leisurely walk or frantic sprint between them, depending on the circumstances.

A thrilling map - but perhaps the most difficult of all to master.

Back Alley Brawl

Cramped alleyways provide lots of cover, or dangerous ambush locations, depending on your perspective - take the time to learn the map to make sure you aren’t caught by surprise.


Cornered by your enemies? Pop into a pneumatic tube to take an express trip across the map, giving you plenty of room to breathe.

Use these for quick getaways, regrouping with teammates, or making your opponents say, “Nobody was behind me a second ago!” as they nurse the bruise you leave on their face.

Just be careful you aboard the tubes with a ball armed - you could be peppered upon your arrival if you're not careful.

Galaxy Burger

If you weren’t hungry before, you’ll be hankering for a burger and fries after a few rounds at the hottest hang-out in Knockout City: Galaxy Burger.

FEELING HUNGRY? - Don't let your appetite distract you from brawling

The whole establishment orbits around the kitchen, meaning this map is constantly rotating as walls open and close off pathways, platforms line up to create new jumping opportunities, and outer planets and UFOs provide elevated positions that are constantly in motion.

Use the central diner and arcade, as well as stationary landmarks around the perimeter of the map to keep yourself oriented and call out enemy positions to your teammates.

Whether it skill or luck, you'll find plenty of success (or failure) here.

Jukebox Junction - Arriving Season 1

As confirmed on the PlayStation Blog, Jukebox Junction will arrive in-game for Season 1 on Tuesday, 25 May.

ALL ABOARD - Get musical and mechanical mayhem in Jukebox Junction

The theme for Season 1 is “Welcome to Knockout City,” and what better way to greet new arrivals than a dodgeball to the face as they step off the train?

Jukebox Junction is an active, jukebox-themed train station that’s sure to keep you on your toes.

Periodically, massive hover-trains come speeding through the centre of Jukebox Junction, temporarily changing the offensive and defensive options available to you in those sections of the map.

We'll update this post with any new maps as and when they arrive.