Does Knockout City have crossplay at launch?

Knockout City has launched, allowing players to jump into the dodgebrawling action for themselves.

Since the game has launched via EA Play on all platforms and Xbox Game Pass, players are wondering if they're able to join the action with their friends, no matter what platform they're on.

That's why we're here with a guide on whether Knockout City has crossplay now that it has launched.

Does Knockout City Have Crossplay?

The short answer is yes, Knockout City does feature crossplay, letting players across all platforms play together.

No matter whether you're playing via Game Pass on Xbox, on PlayStation 5, or on PC, you'll be able to play with Knockout City players anywhere.

Crossplay is also enabled by default in Knockout City. Provided you don't change any of the settings, you'll be matched against players on any platforms whenever you search for a game.

It's good to have crossplay active when playing Knockout City too because it makes finding a match a lot easier.

Inviting Friends

If you're playing with friends on other platforms, however, it does make inviting friends a little tougher.

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SQUAD UP: Inviting friends is easy

Rather than them just being on your friends list for your system of choice, you'll have to ask them for their Knockout City ID number. You can then add them using that number and invite them that way. It's nice and easy.

Cross Progression

Also, it's worth noting that Knockout City features cross platform progression. No matter what system you're playing on, you can keep all of your unlocks, gear, and stats.

Therefore, if you were playing on PlayStation for example, but wanted to try it via Game Pass on Xbox, you can do so without having to start from scratch once more.

Just make sure you're using the account with the same Knockout City ID and you'll be able to continue without any issues.

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