Kirby: Discovery of the Stars reveal coming at Nintendo Direct

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Thanks to some new leaks, it looks like a new Kirby game is coming at Nintendo Direct tonight! This game will be called Kirby: Discovery of the Stars - and it's already set to steal the show.

Here's what we know so far about Kirby: Discover of the Stars, and what will be shown off during Nintendo Direct tonight.


Release Date

Kirby: Discovery of the Stars does not have a release date just yet - as this wasn't included in the recent leaks from Nintendo Japan.

Kirby standing in a field
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Much like the other major Nintendo Switch titles in the pipeline, however, we expect the game to have a tentative release date of 2022. This would match with the upcoming Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, Splatoon 3, and Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 timelines which are also slated to appear at Nintendo Direct this month.


Nintendo Direct Showcase

Our first look at the new Kirby game is set to come at Nintendo Direct September 2021, according to recent leaks from Nintendo Japan.

Nintendo Direct logo
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While we don't know what will be shown, the leaked schedule suggests the new game will open the show, and we expect it will steal the show as well!


In line with previous Nintendo Direct game reveals, we should expect to see a Kirby: Discovery of the Stars trailer and some more information from the development team during the panel.

With all of the action slated for tonight - don't miss the Nintendo Direct stream, which kicks off at 6pm EST.


Kirby: Discovery of the Stars will no doubt land on the Nintendo Switch, but that doesn't mean that'll be the only platform for the game come launch.


Nothing's official yet, but we expect this to be clarified during Nintendo Direct.


If we're lucky enough tonight, we may get our first look at Kirby: Discovery of the Stars gameplay during its reveal at Nintendo Direct.

Kirby super smash brothers skin
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It will likely be a brief glimpse at best during a reveal trailer mostly focused on the new game's setting and plotline.

Following along with other Nintendo Switch titles, we should see more gameplay revealed steadily over future Nintendo Direct shows until we get closer to its scheduled release date.