Is A New Killer Instinct Game Coming To Next-Gen?

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Is a new Killer Instinct game on the way from Microsoft?

Rumours are gaining traction regarding a possible Killer Instinct sequel, but there appears to be one major issue facing Microsoft.

They can't seem to find anyone available to develop it! Killer Instinct might be overshadowed by its' peers, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't get a sequel.

New Killer Instinct On The Way?

It's been a long time since we had a new Killer Instinct game. The most recent game in the series was released in 2013 for the Xbox One. Before that, it was a 90's arcade game.

In part, this may be Killer Instinct's issue in the wake of the success faced by Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat and the rest.

New Killer Instinct Thunder
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THUNDER - Killer Instinct's fighter roster is underrated!

However, the sporadic releases don't mean that the franchise is dead. In fact, it's far from it!

Recently, a rumour has started to gain traction on Reddit that suggests Microsoft want to do a new Killer Instinct game.

We know it isn't solid proof, but there's nothing to say it isn't true.

Many developers might not see Killer Instinct as a profitable venture at the moment given the size of the genre's fanbase and the game-specific dedication its' players have.

New Killer Instinct Sabrewulf
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CARNAGE - Sabrewulf isn't one you should be messing with!

However, Killer Instinct was meant to appear at EVO Online and is regarded to have some of the best netcode out there.

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Although EVO Online was ultimately cancelled, the positive fan reception towards the Killer Instinct announcement is obvious.

Twitch Tournament Proves Popularity

On February 1st, Fighting Game Influencer Maximilian Dood decided to try and prove Killer Instinct's popularity by hosting a Twitch Rivals tournament for the game with the hashtag "#BringBackKi".

This event saw 32 fighters compete for a $5000 prize pool, a modest sum in today's competitive scene.

However, to many people's surprise, the virtual event was a huge success!

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The Twitch Rivals tournament drew in over 40,000 viewers on Twitch and has seemingly reinforced the idea that this old fighting game series is very much alive and kicking.

We may not be seeing a new Killer Instinct game anytime soon, but don't rule it out. Microsoft might just surprise us all.

Killer Instinct was updated and optimised for Xbox Series X|S consoles, so someone out there is clearly invested in the future of the series.

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