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When is Kazuya going to be added to Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

There's a new fighter in town and Masahiro Sakurai has, once again, offered Super Smash Bros Ultimate fans an in-depth look at the newest character to join the game's expansive roster.

Kazuya is coming to Smash and here's everything about the release date of Challenger Pack 10 and the new Tekken-series Fighter.

Challenger Pack 10 - Kazuya - Release Date

According to Sakurai, and Nintendo by default, Kazuya is going to be released in Challenger Pack 10 for Super Smash Bros Ultimate on June 29th! This is a lot sooner than everyone anticipated and it means that, theoretically, he should appear in the Nintendo eShop at 00:00 Local Time.

You will be able to play as Kazuya in Smash, following the release date, if you have the latest Fighter Pack. However, you can also purchase him separately for $5.99 USD or your local equivalent. This is the standard price of a Super Smash Bros Ultimate Challenger Pack.

Smash Kazuya Release Date Super Smash Bros Ultimate
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WE ARE ALL DONKEY KONG - Pure shock at this one. Ryu did nothing wrong!

What makes things interesting is the fact that Kazuya is the penultimate Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Fighter and we're going to get the final one at some point later this year... Who could it be?


Kazuya Looks Like Another Great Addition

Kazuya is a muscle-bound freak and, somehow, he fits right into the Super Smash Bros Ultimate cast. He's going to be on the heavier side, making him harder to launch, but that doesn't look like it's going to slow him down much.

The Mishima Dojo is being added as a new Smash Stage in the Challenger Pack 10 DLC and there's going to be a total of 29 new tracks in-game following his release.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Kazuya Release Date Kirby
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KAZUYA KIRBY - Of course, Kirby can eat him. That wasn't even in question...

You can check out the full Kazuya-focused Smash stream below:

As you can see, Kazuya has quite a few moves and he looks to be another fantastic brawler for the title. We just hope that he'll match up against the best in there.

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