Is TLOU2 coming to PS5 consoles in the near future?

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Naughty Dog's TLOU2 could be coming to PS5 consoles in the future and here's everything we know.

The Last of Us Part 2 is a triumph for Neil Druckmann and his team. It won almost every award it could, but many fans are wanting more from the incredible game.

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With the PS5 boasting 4K, Ray Tracing, and a whole lot more, could TLOU2 be coming to the PS5 to make use of the new technology available?


Release Date

This is one we don't have a whole lot of information on. With PlayStation's first State of Play for 2021 almost here, fans are expecting a lot from Sony.

At least ten games for both the PS5 and PS4 are being shown in the 30-minute presentation and TLOU2 on the PS5 could be among them.

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Although subtle, marketing for TLOU2 is on the rise again with more paid ads appearing on social media platforms and the game on sale at a number of retailers.

TLOU2 PS5 Joel and Ellie
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HEARTBREAK - Are you ready to see the traumatic TLOU2 campaign in 4K?

Could this be signposting that news is incoming? We think it might be.


Enhanced Features

Much like any PS5 title, TLOU2 could see a whole host of improvements if it received a native next-gen version.

Improved Visuals, Haptic Feedback, and Adaptive Triggers are all things that could be made the focus of a next-gen PS5 release for TLOU2.

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In addition to this, we could see further improvements to stability and performance. In particular, Ray Tracing features would make TLOU2 a truly stunning experience on the PS5.

TLOU2 PS5 Joel Tommy Horses Jackson Field
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RAY TRACING - This game was MADE for Ray Tracing features, right?

Multiplayer & DLC?

The Last of Us had both a Multiplayer mode, Factions, and some single-player DLC. So, what about TLOU2?

Naughty Dog has been quiet about both of these things, however, the upcoming State of Play could make way for both.

TLOU2 PS5 TLOU Left Behind DLC Photo Ellie
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LEFT BEHIND - Who's story do you want to be told in TLOU2 DLC?

If a PS5 port for TLOU2 is indeed in the works, it would make sense for this to be released prior to any additional content. So, we don't expect any Multiplayer modes or DLC to drop for TLOU2 anytime soon.

That being said, an announcement could be in the works so watch this space.