Is Tale of Immortal English Translation Coming Anytime Soon? Is It Only Playable In Chinese?

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Tales of Immortals is a brand new smash hit RPG on Steam that seemingly came out of nowhere.

The game entered early access on January 27th and has already climbed the ranks to become one of the most played games on Steam.

But, there is a problem for most of us, the game isn't in English.


What Is Tales Of Immortal?

Tales of Immortal, or 鬼谷八荒 as its officially called, is an open-world roguelike RPG developed by Chinese studio 鬼谷工作室.

The game already has a Very Positive rating on Steam and peaked at over 136,000 concurrent players on Steam today.

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Here is some more information about the game.

Tale of Immortal is an open-world sandbox game based on Chinese mythology and cultivation. You will grow to become immortal, conquer the beasts from the Classic of Mountains and Season, make your choices carefully and grasp your own destiny.
With a background based around ancient Chinese myths and stories, players will have a variety of interactive options with scenes and in-game NPCs, which will affect the storyline of the game and transform the game world.
The theme of the game combines the immortal cultivation and the unique cultural background of The Classics of Mountain and Sea. Players will experience the journey from a mortal to a strong, god-like being.
Our studio hopes that in this game, players will express the theme of "Always stick to your heart, dare to fight against difficulties; make choices carefully and grasp your own destiny."

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English Translation

One of the game's developers did reply to a user on the forums regarding an English translation saying,

"For localization, we absolutely would loveeee to have them, but as you probably realized, the amount of words in the game and their difficulties could be very time-consuming, but we will work hard to have at least English localization in the future!"

So at least there is some hope for a future translation, even if it could be some time away.

If the game becomes more popular then it would make sense to translate it so it appeals to a wider audience.


UPDATE 3 FEBRUARY - Another developer comment has weighed into the possibility of an English translation of the game coming in the future.

A dev from the game, writing on the Steam forums (Via Daniel Ahmad, aka @ZhugeEX), wrote:

"Hi Everyone! Wow we are actually so flattered! And Thank you, everyone, for the suggestions, we really appreciate that! Seems like we need to really start working on the English localized version! The game was out yesterday so we will have to fully focus on bug fixing and stuff, when everything starts to get smooth we will look into adding English ASAP, thanks again! Do stay in touch!

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Games such as Genshin Impact have shown that games developed by Chinese studios have a large appeal worldwide.

But for now, players will have to make do with either not having a clue what is going on, learning Chinese (good luck with that), or using a translator app to get some grasp on what is going on.

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