Is Evil Dead: The Game Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

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Evil Dead: The Game is an interesting one. Dipping its toes into the already pretty popular multiplayer horror genre, it needs quite a lot to standout. Hopefully, its unique IP and sense of humour can do that. Maybe a launch on Xbox Game Pass could help it out even further. Here's what we know about it so far and what we think will happen with the future of the game.

Is Evil Dead: The Game Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

As of right now, no, Evil Dead: The Game is not coming to Xbox Game Pass. It could get a surprise announcement at some point soon but there is no confirmation either way. If you really want to play it on day one, you may just have to buy it yourself.

It's finally available to play in just a few short weeks on May 13th. Set in the Evil Dead universe, it takes after games like Evolve and Dead by Daylight so an active and full playerbase will significantly help its long term growth.


Why it could come to Game Pass

Evil Dead: The Game's developer, Saber Interactive, has worked on multiplayer horror game World War Z before and this eventually game to Xbox Game Pass too. Given this released on the service after its release, the same could happen with Evil Dead: The Game.

Perhaps, later down the line, we could receive a special edition with DLC and nice digital extras that will come to the service. The team clearly gave a lot of faith in the game which is even more impressive given its multiplayer focus. It seems likely that it will come to these services eventually but, for now, we'll just have to wait. If anything changes or any updates come in, we will update you right here.