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Are the Escape From Tarkov servers down? Not anymore

The Escape From Tarkov server issues is ongoing after being first reported en masse at around 13:14 GMT.

Escape From Tarkov is having server issues with many players reporting that the game is down.

As an online-only multiplayer title, server issues are almost the worst thing that can happen to Escape From Tarkov.

Below, we'll keep you updated on when you can expect the servers to be back up and the current status from Battlestate Games.

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LATEST - They Could Be Back Up

Down Detector is reporting a sharp decline in "Escape From Tarkov problems" so the Tarkov servers might be back up.

BattleState Games have stated that the issue has been resolved, so the Escape From Tarkov servers shouldn't be down anymore.

Guess it's time to jump back in. Happy Hunting!


Still Down...

We're entering Hour Three and the Escape From Tarkov servers are still having issues and going down.

Below, you can check out the levels on Down Detector.

Escape From Tarkov Servers Down Issues Graph
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ISSUES - The levels aren't really dropping are they?

Battlestate Games haven't issued any updated information regarding the issues as of 15:30 GMT.


Is Escape From Tarkov Down?

Earlier today, Battlestate Games tweeted out that there might be difficulties entering the game.

Below, you can see the tweet:

And here is the statement transcribed:

Players may have difficulties entering the game atm. We are already working to fix this issue as fast as we can. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your patience and understanding

As of writing this at 14:23, there are reportedly still issues with the Escape From Tarkov servers.

Using Down Detector, we can see that over half of the issues players are having with Tarkov are server related while the majority of the other half is to do with logging in.

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We will keep this updated with the latest information when it becomes available, however, there is no timeline on when the server issues for Escape From Tarkov might be solved.

Escape From Tarkov down First Person AR
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TARKOV DOWN? - Here's what we know about the server issues

Escape From Tarkov is a first-person shooter developed by Battlestate Games for Windows. It is set in the fictional Norvinsk region and combines team-based survival gameplay with the traditional battle royale format.

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The developers have also said that it borrows elements from MMO titles with its loot system that acts as an over-arching feature tieing each game together.