Is EA working on NCAA football?

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NCAA Football used to be one of the most popular game franchises, with a legion of loyal followers.

Unlike many other games, the series didn't stop because of a lack of success.

But with some recent tweets, EA Sports have fans excited it could return.


History of NCAA Football

The NCAA (the governing body for college athletes in America) stopped EA from being able to use the image rights of players.

Recent steps to change the law to allow athletes to make money, along with the tweets, mean that there are strong rumors that the game is being remade by EA.

We haven't had anything in the NCAA Football franchise since 2014.

The Fans Are Ready

The game had everything that the players of Madden complain about.

Depth to the options, scenarios, and experience. Expansive options outside of the gameplay to build and manage a dynasty team through the ages.

MAINSTREAM: ESPN's SportsCenter also getting in on the hype
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MAINSTREAM: ESPN's SportsCenter also getting in on the hype

This is an easy home run for EA as the game didn't stop out of a lack of sales. In fact, there's been pent up demand for a while.


They want to see the likes of Chris Olave beat his man on a deep route. Or the next Trevor Lawrence light up a National Championship for the team they recruited him for.

Add to this a growing international fan base for the NFL and those fans hungry for more ways to be involved with the sport, and you have a willing fan base and a blueprint for what should be included.

The tweet came from the official EA Sports account, and they have created a sub-account under @EASPORTSCollege. So we know the source is legitimate.

Right now, we don't know when the game will be released, or whether it will have real players.

Be sure to keep checking in as we find out more.