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Is Disney Dreamlight Valley Free to Play?

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Disney Dreamlight Valley has been making waves after entering its Early Access period with it actually being seen as a true contender to Animal Crossing. What's got a lot of people scratching their heads, however, is whether or not the game really is free to play, and it's not a straightforward situation.

So, let us take you through all the key info you need and answer the all-important question, is Disney Dreamlight Valley free to play?

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Is Disney Dreamlight Valley Free to Play?

Yes, Disney Dreamlight Valley is a free to play title but it is not officially available for free just yet. You can only play the game if you purchase one of the early access offerings or are a member of Xbox Game Pass, where the Founder's Edition has been added to the service.

disney dreamlight valley toy story realm
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Toy Story is coming to DDV by the end of 2022

The full free to play launch of Disney Dreamlight Valley is not expected to release until 2023. It's also worth noting that, in its current state, Disney Dreamlight Valley is still a work in progress and suffers from a lot of bugs and glitches.

The hope is that all of these will be resolved before the free to play launch next year. What is undeniable, however, is that despite some early issues, the game is proving incredibly popular with over one million players enjoying the game already.

This number will only grow as more content is added in the remainder of 2022 and into the free to play launch in 2023. We know that there are two major updates coming this year with The Lion King and Toy Story being added to Disney Dreamlight Valley.

We understand that these updates will include a new realm to explore, new villagers to recruit as well as new clothing and furniture items to unlock for your house and character.

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