Is Chivalry 2 on Xbox Game Pass at launch?

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Chivalry 2, the next brutal melee multiplayer game from developer Torn Banner Studios, releases on June 8.

Chivalry 2 is available on virtually everything with an internet connection, except for the Nintendo Switch.


It's available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S and PC via the Epic Games Store.

Xbox fans might be wondering the same question they do any time a big game release comes around.

Is Chivalry 2 Coming to Xbox Games Pass?

chivalry 2
MULTIPLAYER MAYHEM - Chivalry 2 will allow players to engage in massive and chaotic melee combat

Is Chivalry 2 Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Chivalry 2 will not be available via Xbox Game Pass, or more specifically, it won't be available at launch in that manner.

We don't know for sure whether or not the title might become available via that service in the future, though, as Torn Banner Studios and Microsoft may be able to broker that deal somewhere further down the road.


We do know, however, that the game will feature full crossplay from launch.

That means Chivalry 2 players will be able to matchmake with players on different platforms seamlessly. That's right, even with players on PlayStation (Sony has notoriously reluctant to allow this in the past)!

Featuring a robust and varied class system, Chivalry 2 has players pick one of four classes (each with three subclasses of its own) that perform a specific role on the battlefield.

In order to be victorious, knowing how to play each class correctly will be crucial. You can read more about the different classes in Chivalry 2 here.