17 Aug 2021 3:56 PM +00:00

"Rewrite the entire narrative" in Amplitude Studios' magnum opus - Humankind

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It's safe to say that Humankind is shaping up to be one of the best strategy games we've ever seen. It's also safe to say that it's out right now! Here's the latest on the pre-established Humankind release time and what to expect.

UPDATE - Humankind is out right now

Humankind is now available and you can download the game for PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store, or the Microsoft Store. It's also free Day One with Xbox Game Pass and can be found via the Xbox App.

Be the first to make history the way you want to make it with Humankind, a Civilization Sim that expands on Sid Meier's Civilization series to offer an even larger sandbox approach to civilization and society-building.

When does Humankind come out?

Humankind is coming to PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, Google Stadia, and Xbox Game Pass for PC on August 17th at the following times:

  • 09:00 - PST
  • 12:00 - EST
  • 17:00 - BST

We don't know if it will be available ahead of time on release day for Google Stadia, Epic Games Store, and Xbox Game Pass for PC, but this is the time the title unlocks on the Steam storefront. It's safe to assume that it will also be unlocked on the other digital storefronts at the same time.

Is Humankind going to be the best strategy game ever?

Without playing it, it's hard to say. Humankind looks like it's all about scale and should almost guarantee a unique game every time you log in. There's a fantastic Avatar customisation option, differing from Civilization's traditional "World Leader" option.

Similarly, you can also change and adapt the way your society works in almost every way. You can combine cultures as you continue to dictate the course of humankind and you should almost always have a unique society to play with every time you play.


There's a lot of ways Humankind stands out from the crowd and we can't wait to jump into a game. In particular, the way combat works looks like a fantastic evolution of warfare in Civilization games. Each choice matters and it's safe to say that there will be a lot of them to make in a game of Humankind.