How To Watch the EA Play Live Future of FPS Spotlight

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This year's E3 was a pretty big one with a phenomenal show from both Xbox and Nintendo. Now that it's over, the companies that weren't there are starting to show off what they've for the next year. Alongside Sony's new State of Play, EA have also announced their Future of FPS spotlight, dedicated entirely to FPS games that likely won't be seen at EA Play Live later this month.

This being said, there are still a few questions lingering. If you're looking to see how you can watch it and when, this is everything you need to know.


When Is the EA Future of FPS Spotlight?

The Future of FPS show will take place at 10 am PT / 6PM BST today, July 8th.

As is the case with all live shows, there's a chance this could face technical issues so if it doesn't start the minute it should, give it a few and it should get underway.


Where To Watch EA Play Live Future of FPS Spotlight

You have a few choices of how you can watch this spotlight. You can watch it through a different source like IGN and GameSpot who tend to host their own stream or you can watch it through the official source.

EA's Twitch channel has just under 250k followers, which is a substantial amount but smaller than their YouTube. If you want a slightly quieter chatbox, this is where you should watch the show.

Alternatively, the EA YouTube channel has just under 750k subscribers, which should mean a much bigger live count. If you want a more hectic show, this is where you should watch it. The video is already live right now so you can get in there very early.