How to take a four-star photograph in New Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap has finally arrived, the game that many fans have been hoping would happen for 20 years.

The last entry in the Pokemon Snap series was on the Nintendo 64 back in 1999, so it has been a while.

Now it is 2021 and the Nintendo Switch is the perfect console for a new game, being able to utilize the console's motion controls to act as a camera.

Here is how to take a four-star picture in New Pokemon Snap.


How To Take A Four-Star Photograph

Your pictures in New Pokemon Snap are judged and graded by Professor Mirror.

These range from one-four star depending on the quality, and many factors can influence the score.

Players have access to a variety of items and methods to encourage the Pokemon to perform different actions, such as eating or looking at you.

While each Pokemon has its own requirements to hit four-stars, there are multiple methods to get a four-star photograph which apply across most Pokemon.

  • Fluffruit - These replace the apples used in the previous game. They can be used to lure Pokemon and get a reaction from them, such as eating or expressing happiness.
  • Illumina Orbs - These are used on Pokemon to create an Illumina Phenomenon, this will cause special moments to happen and are perfect to snap those four-star photos.
  • Melody - By playing a melody you can make a Pokemon dance.
  • Scan - The scan feature allows players to find alternative routes in a course, but also the noise can cause a Pokemon to take notice, allowing you to snap a better shot of them.

There isn't really a set in stone method for making a photograph four-star, it is just a combination of many factors such as the size, pose etc.

But using these methods can help encourage that high mark.


Check out the latest New Pokemon Snap trailer here.