How to Run or Move Fast in The Quarry

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The Quarry isn't exactly a game about speed. Anyone who has played a Supermassive game like Until Dawn or the Dark Pictures Anthology would happily confirm this.

That being said, surely there has to be a way to pick up the pace even just a little bit? Well, there is, and here's how you do it!


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How to move fast in The Quarry

It's clear that the counsellors of Hackett's Quarry know they're in a horror game because they move far too casually!

While none of the characters will outright run when controlled by the player, they can move a little faster around the environment.

abi the quarry

To do this, you want to hold LB on Xbox, L1 on PlayStation or SHIFT on PC. This will make your characters perform somewhat of a speedwalk. You can rebind the key for PC should the default option not work for you.

At no point is your movement speed going to play into the story of the game or trigger an event. You also can't increase your speed when walking up any staircases in The Quarry.

As frustrating as some sections might be if you have to circle back for any reason, The Quarry is still a much better experience when taken in slowly. Sure, on subsequent playthroughs you may want to pick up the pace a little to check out all the different story branches, but your first visit to The Quarry should be slow and steady.

the quarry counsellors

Walking fast can sometimes be a disadvantage too as you may walk past important clues or evidence. Worse still, you may even breeze past a tarot card and not be able to pick it up.