How to Get Fast & Furious Car Bundle in Rocket League

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With E3 behind us, there was so much to take in from Xbox and Nintendo's great showcases to Elden Ring's Release Date. One small thing snuck into Summer Game Fest was a brand new pack coming to Rocket League.

This pack adds three new cars from the Fast & Furious franchise and comes out very soon.

Latest - It's Out Tomorrow

If you're looking to get your hands on the new car bundle, you only have to wait one more day

You can find it in the store tomorrow to grab.


Midway through the show, Geoff Keighley announced the new addition to Rocket League. With a short trailer, you can see the ball hidden behind a car, presumably in a garage.

As is the case with Fast & Furious, this garage is actually a huge plane flying way above the earth and those cars are about to drop

The cars are seen hurtling towards earth only for them to change trajectory and hit their boost. This shows them heading toward the ball, ready to get playing as soon as possible.

How to Get Fast & Furious Car Bundle in Rocket League & Release Date

This Fast & Furious Car Pack pack will release in Rocket League on June 17.

That release date could be rather intentional, perhaps planned for some other event. You can buy these from the store closer to the release date, only one week away.


The release time isn't certain yet but we will update here as soon as we know. The game is entirely free to play so make sure to get it downloaded in time if you want to use these great-looking cars.

While these will be mostly based around the cars, there's a chance we could see even more launch alongside these cars.

Perhaps we could see some unique celebrations and even some new boost. This will be available to purchase for 2400 credits from the store so you should get saving up for it.

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