A new Steam error message is causing chaos

Users are reporting the return of the infamous Steam Auth Timeout error message when trying to connect to games in Apex Legends and Rust.

While these two titles have currently been reported for the Steam Auth Timeout error, they may not be the only games currently affected by it.

This issue is only for Steam users, though Steam has yet to comment publicly on the issues.

How to Fix Steam Auth Timeout Error

While there's no simple fix for the Steam Auth Timeout error message, there are several things you can try to get into your game of Rust or Apex.

Verify Integrity of Game Files Steam
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If you're looking to push through the connection problems, give the following a try:

  • Make sure you aren't registered for any Steam betas, as these can interfere with Rust (and potentially Apex Legends as well). Do this by going to Steam, then Settings, then select Account, go to Beta Participation, select Change and change your status to None.
  • Clear your Steam download cache via Settings and Downloads.
  • Verify the integrity of your Steam game files by going to Properties, then Local Files.
  • Reinstall your Rust or Apex Legends game in Steam.

These aren't guaranteed to get you through to your game, but they are some tried and tested potential solutions for the Steam Auth Timeout error as well as many others.

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