Horizon Zero Dawn VR game might be...on the horizon

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Horizon Zero Dawn became an instant hit, originally a PS4 exclusive, the game is now playable on both PS5 and PC.

A sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, is due out this year, but it looks like a spin-off game could be in the works too.


Horizon VR In The Works?

According to UploadVR, Firesprite, a studio known for making PlayStation VR games, could be working on a new VR game set in the Horizon universe.

The developer is working on a "new VR title which is described as a "multimillion-selling console title from the last decade".

Horizon Forbidden West Key Art
UPCOMING: Horizon Forbidden West will be a key exclusive in the PS5 catalogue.

A, now deleted, job listing for a Lead Producer stated they were working on a new game “adapted from one of the most original and successful multimillion-selling console IP titles in the last 10 years.”

The game is said to be console exclusive, meaning it will be tied to PlayStation as they are the only console with VR capabilities, so all signs point to it being a PS exclusive.

On a ResetEra thread, many people were speculating it would be a Horizon Zero Dawn VR game.

The only other option would realistically be The Last Of Us, but a Horizon game seems far more likely.



So far no official news has been released regarding a next-generation PSVR system.

But Sony made sure that existing PSVR headsets and games were compatible with the PlayStation 5 using an adapter, meaning they aren't ready to give up on VR just yet.

PSVR Bundle
VIRTUAL: PSVR has been popular among PlayStation gamers.

It is very likely we will continue to see VR games be made for the new system, meaning new hardware will likely follow too.

PSVR has had some great titles on it so far including Beat Saber, Resident Evil 7 VR, Skyrim VR and many more.

With Sony now focusing on the next-generation, bringing those VR players to the next-generation will be a strong focus and a huge IP going VR could be the game to do it.