Halo: HCS EU Fall Finals Team Previews – FABe look to continue dominance

While FABe dominated the Fall pro league regular season, three challengers look to take home the finals trophy. 

by Ezekiel Carsella

Oh boy what a season. The godsquad FABe gets taken down by Team Infused, my fall season darlings Team Vibe features a 67% map winrate to take second over Infused and the French squad in PuLse Gaming had a photo finish to make LAN finals over VwS Gaming. In today’s article I will walk you through my personal favorites for this tournament and where each team stands in terms of competition. Also attached to finals will be a Relegation tournament for the 5th and 6th seeds in the EU Pro League which could be heavily contested.  

Casting Lineup 

Adam Savage – Paul Chaloner – Mark Hatcher – Harry Thomas – Richard Simms – Dan Gaskin – Andy Dudynsky – Harry Channon 


Roster: Jimbo, Mose, TuFoxy, Respectful 

Pro League Record: 9-1  

Map Record 28-5 

Throughout this season of the HCS Pro League, the newly reformed godsquad of FAB esports has exceeded my expectations by going 9-1 with increased competition from Team Vibe and Infused due to the offseason roster changes. Considering they only dropped 5 maps the entire pro league (meaning only two maps to a team besides Infused) that level of play is absolute dominance. Whether that carries onto LAN in the EU is undetermined, FABe had a good showing at HCS Las Vegas by winning 3-0 against two top AM teams in NA and hanging tough with some of the better American pro league teams. Despite taking a blemish to perfection in a match against Infused, FABe are easily the heavy favorites to win the tournament.  

Team Vibe 

Roster: SeptiQ, Snakey, Qristola, Snipedrone 

Pro League Record: 7-3 

Map Record 24-12 

After a strong rallying performance last season, Vibe upgraded their roster with longtime pro Snipedrone and rising star Qristola to grab a second seed spot at EU finals. Led by longtime veteran Rob “SeptiQ” Singleton, Vibe is brimming with LAN experience and could be strong challengers against FABe on LAN.  

Team Infused  

Roster: Batchford, Doodle, Phlux, Kimbo 

Pro League Record: 7-3 

Map Record 22-17 

After going 0-2 at Season 1 finals, Team Infused drafted former FABe player Kimbo to join Batch and the boys for season 2. So far the plan has worked considering they are the only team to beat FABe in a best of three and in an online scrim. Kimbo performed like an absolute monster this season and after a rough start allowed them to finish with a third seed. Batchford showed he is capable of playing on LAN last finals and with a much stronger roster this time around it looks like they can avoid the fate of going out first.  

Pulse Gaming 

Roster: Cxlii, Fragxr, Punishr, SLG 

Pro League Record: 4-6 

Map Record 17-19 

The French roster of PuLse Gaming has always been a hot or cold team. One night they look like they can play with the best in the world and the next they look they couldn’t beat an AM team. Luckily for PuLse, they were able to sneak into fourth place even with a losing record thanks to a late surge and VwS gaming having a terrible season. While you can never count the French side out, there can only be so many winners and losers.  

Notable Notes 

While this tournament is filled with longtime pros and upcoming names, there is a notable pair missing, the Buk brothers. Buk57 and Buk20’s team known as Prophecy was unable to win a single game this Pro League which shocked many especially after their performance at Worlds on the Epsilon roster. Are they washed? We will find out after they fight against two AM teams for their pro league spots.  

Last finals we saw former Infused player WarLord become WarGoose after failing to record a single kill in a match against Xmen. This time around he will be fighting for the right to reclaim his standing as a pro against Prophecy and VwS during Relegation.   

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Ezekiel Carsella