Halo Infinite leaks suggest Battle Royale mode is coming

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Every Xbox gamer in the world is waiting for Halo Infinite.

While we won't be playing it until 2021, recent leaks suggest the game could be bigger than ever imagined.

Infinite by name, infinite by nature

343 and Microsoft apparently have grand plans for Halo Infinite.

According to a twitter leak Halo Infinite will be a lot more than just one game.

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Four "chapters" to Halo Infinite is certainly an eye-catching idea.

If the released game in 2021 is not a complete story then fans may well be upset, but there is little doubt that Halo has a lot of avenues it could go down when it comes to future content.

The big one, of course, is Battle Royale.

Halo Battle Royale

The leak also suggests that one of those extra pieces to the game in development is a battle royale mode that will be free to play!

We've been wanting a Halo BR mode for a long time. How it would work with loadouts, loot, or the closing zone we don't know, but if this is true then it will be awesome.

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Of course, this is all speculation based on rumours. Just because we want it, doesn't mean it will be so.

Still, it's a tantalising thought...

Halo Infinite release date

No release date has been set for Halo Infinite. These reports/leaks suggest a window of March-June is the aim, but that will surely be impacted by any further covid restrictions that could happen over the winter.

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We are hoping Halo Infinite will land sooner rather than later, as the Chief has been away for far too long already.

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