Halo Infinite director steps away after delays

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Halo Infinite Director Chris Lee has stepped away from the game after a new period of delays.

This marks the second top director to leave the game in two years, as well as an executive producer.


So what's going on with Halo Infinite, and what can we expect from the game?

Halo Infinite

You've probably never read a book written by 3 different people. That's because it wouldn't often amount to a great product. With different writing styles, voices, and tones - it would feel misshapen and incomplete.

halo infinite 1
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This is the concern of many looking at Halo Infinite, the next Halo title that was set to make waves approaching next-gen consoles and Xbox Series X release.

Halo Infinite has now lost two different top directors who shaped the vision of the game during their time working on it. At first, the game lost its creative director and an executive producer in August, 2019.

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Now the director taking the lead after this debacle has also departed the project, right after a new period of delays has struck.


Halo Infinite Release Date

After the newest round of delays, Halo Infinite is now in a similar spot to Cyberpunk 2077.

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These new Halo Infinite delays are pushing the title into a nondescript 2021 release date. And worse, after multiple push backs, fans are having a hard time trusting whatever release date projection will come next.


Halo Infinite Gameplay

Despite the promise we've seen from Halo Infinite, with the project changing hands so many times, it's hard to know what we can really expect from gameplay.

Halo Infinite grappling hook
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We've seen the Halo Infinite Gameplay Trailer, which premiered 9 minutes of campaign gameplay footage that got fans hyped.


We also know we are supposed to expect battle royale capabilities according to leaks, but have no idea of knowing if the project will follow through on this with so many different directors guiding its vision.

halo infinite rumours
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This puts Halo fans in a frustrating position after having plenty of hope for Halo Infinite as a next-gen release title. Especially after the Holiday 2020 release date. Instead, it's all become a letdown.

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For now, this means Halo fans will have to find another game to distract themselves from the long and ambiguous wait time.