Half-Life Alyx Review: PC, PS4, PS5, release date, graphics, gameplay & more

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Valve Software’s Half-Life: Alyx is only a few months away, and since it requires a VR headset, players may consider a hardware purchase.

Half-Life: Alyx will launch next year, find out when here


Look away now console fans – there’s nothing confirmed for you. Alyx seems, for the immediate future anyway, to be a PC exclusive. 

Those of you looking for a review – we’ve got something for you.


We haven’t got the opportunity to play and review Alyx ahead of release, but what we do have is a review of the prequel.


Half-Life 2 was virtually the perfect sequel to the original game.

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It took almost everything that worked well in Half-Life and either improved on it, or kept it pretty much the same. 

But such a simple summary almost undersells how Valve approached the sequel. 


FOR THE RESISTANCE: Half Life: Alyx will see you help the resistance battle the Combine on the streets of city 17

Half-Life 2 is a linear shooter with most of the refinements one would expect from years of work.

The impressive production values ensured that Half-Life 2 was a magnificent, dramatic experience that few games could compete with at launch.

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Half-Life 2 received some pretty amazing reviews:

9.5/10 from IGN

10/10 from Steam

9.4/10 from Gamespot


If Half-Life 2’s review is anything to go by, the upcoming game is going to be absolutely incredible.

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