Guardians of the Galaxy Preload time - how to preload

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Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is finally almost here and that comes with a huge treck through space. Taking the role of Star Lord, you have to take on a big bad with the constant banter of the crew in your ear. If you're looking to get it all installed and ready for the big day, here's what you should know.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Release Date

Guardians of the Galaxy is finally launching this week, on Tuesday, October 26th. Looking at Marvel through an action RPG lens, reviews are already coming in strong. Check back later in the week for our review.

With only a day until its release, you may be wondering what you can do to get ready for the release. Here's how the preload works.


Guardians of the Galaxy Preload Time

Guardians of the Galaxy can be preloaded right now. It has been available for over a day now, giving people time before launch.

The game went gold over a month ago, meaning the team have just been working on those last minute fixes and updates. There will likely be something on day one too.

How to preload Guardians of the Galaxy

Preloading the game is quite easy, regardless of your platform. On PlayStation and Xbox, you simply have to go into your games folder, looking for Guardians of the Galaxy and set it to install.

On PC, it works the same way. Just find the icon and look for the install option. The Switch is a cloud version of the game so won't have the same kind of install.

Download Size

Although initally reported around 150 GB, Guardians of the Galaxy is coming in at around 80 GB on PC and over 50 on consoles. This is still a pretty sizable game and may need for you to uninstall some games.