GTA 6 Online: Things that NEED to return on Rockstar’s next heist adventure

From heists to missions, what online favorites should return in GTA 6?

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Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors and speculation continue to emerge.

we continue to think about the GTA 6 missions and mini-games that could appear in Rockstar’s next action-adventure game. With the sixth year anniversary approaching since the release of the last instalment, and Rockstar Leeds recently advertising for a new role which we believe has a direct link to GTA 6, we are hopeful of an official announcement soon.

In the past, we have written about certain mini-games, weapons, and cars that need to return in GTA 6, but we have no explored GTA Online yet. Still being played to this day by thousands worldwide, GTA Online offers some unique aspects that other multiplayers just cannot offer.

With this in mind, we take a look at some of the best features GTA Online has to offer and why they need to return in GTA 6!

Create Your Dream Race! 

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For the GTA Online die-hards have probably played every Rockstar Games created race or deathmatch in GTA Online.

Playing these races over and over can get extremely repetitive and boring over time, so for the players with the creative mindset, there is a mode called GTA Online Content Creator.

This is where players can create virtually anything in GTA Online, from races to deathmatches and capture missions. This mode is also constantly getting updates through each GTA Online DLC.

Nowadays it seems like every multiplayer game has a creative mode attached to it, fans love these modes and it is amazing to see the things fans can come up with so fast. Bringing this feature back into GTA Online seems essential for GTA’s creative fan base, digging into the creative minds of players always tends to yield amazing results for the game and the community supports these creators immensely.

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Introduced during the GTA 5 story mode, the heist mission style swept GTA fans worldwide and instantly became the number one mission for any player to play. Introduced at a later date for GTA Online, there was an ample amount of heists for players and their friends to partake in, from robbing a small local bank to breaking into a top-secret lab there is something for everyone. 

But what makes these so special? It is a combination of the thrilling back story to each of these missions, the rush of trying to get all the cash or goods you can before the timer is up or the simple joy of having fun with your friends. It seems like every player enjoys heists differently and that is what makes them so special for GTA Online. If heists are reintroduced in the looming GTA 6, it seems but a given for them to be automatically in GTA Online right from the start this time around.

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Houses and Apartments

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In the past, we have talked about why a better real estate mechanic in the story mode could propel it even further but we never mentioned GTA Online’s real estate. It is essentially what players wanted in single player but Rockstar Games had to tinker with it to get it perfect for fans. 

You can basically buy any property you see with a for sale via your phone, this allows players to own extravagant mansions or penthouse apartments overlooking Los Santos. Having all of your friends over to hang out in your GTA mansion is perhaps one of the coolest concepts we have seen in a GTA title and it surely one to stay. Fans have begged to Rockstar Games to implement GTA Online’s real estate into the story mode for GTA 6 and keep it the same for Online, so we will just have to wait and see if Rockstar is in touch with the community. 

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