GTA 6: Mini-games that NEED to return in Rockstar’s next release

From hitting the green to surfing the water, these are the modes Rockstar needs to bring back.

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Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors are emerging more frequently, it won’t be long until we hear more details on the GTA 6 cars. Leaks are starting to pop up regarding Rockstar’s new game and since it has been almost 6 years since its predecessor first released it is likely more information will become available with each passing day.

We recently wrote about all of the GTA 6 leaks and details that have been made public so far. We also took a trip down memory lane by exploring the features and cheats we would like to see a return in GTA 6.

Primarily introduced in GTA 5, mini-games became a focal point of GTA 5, sometimes used in main story missions, they were often played in the players spare time when they weren’t wreaking havoc in Los Santos. This got us thinking, what mini-games should make a return in GTA 6? 

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Photo via Rock Star Games

GTA 5 was released all the way back in 2013, during this time no companies really hit a home run in terms of graphics. Then, Rockstar Games elevated the experience and a key aspect of this innovation was the hunting mechanic in GTA 5.

Although a lot of players did not bother with this mini-game, you would always see wild animals running around the map and the variety of animals that were in GTA 5. 

With all these wild animals roaming Blaine County, players could partake in hunting side missions and mini-games during their spare time and see how many unique animals they could actually see.

One of the rarest and most sought after animals in GTA 5 was the grizzly bear, players would often see this animal towards the highest mountain in GTA 5, and the bear would immediately come after you.

With the circulating rumors of GTA 5 being set in Brazil and certain parts of America, the wildlife options seem endless and hunting should most certainly make a return in GTA 6.

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Base Jumping

Photo via Rockstar Games

Another mechanic introduced in GTA 5 was the player’s ability not only to fly planes but the ability to free fall from high altitudes while doing this.
During the time of GTA 5’s release, the graphics Rockstar Games introduced were next level at the time, and for players to be able to take in all the maps at the click of a button was invigorating for many.

With this added free-falling mechanic, was also the introduction of the base jumping mini-game where players would jump out of a plane at some point on the map and be tasked with navigating themselves onto a landing area with a certain radius to maximize their points.

While this mini-game could get repetitive at times, the rush of looking over all of Los Santos never got old for players. With Rockstar Games recent release of Red Dead Redemption 2, we have seen them push the boundaries for modern-day graphics and with the assumption that they will even further push the boundaries for GTA 6, Base Jumping seems like a must-have mini-game. 

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Photo via Rock Star Games

GTA 5 Online is Rockstar Games take on a multiplayer mode for their flagship title, and since its release in 2013, this mode is still one of the most popular multiplayer modes in all of gaming.

With GTA 5 Online still going strong, the staple of online has always been racing, the most played game mode in GTA 5 Online no matter if its car races or airplane races this is by far the best game mode. 

With the ample amount of cars in GTA 5 and the potential for there to be even more in GTA 5, this makes a bigger case for Rockstar Games to innovate their racing modes. Adding new courses and vehicle-specific courses seems like a must for GTA 5 and avid online players will rejoice over these decisions. 

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