GTA 6: Easter Eggs we NEED to see return on the new Rockstar game

From references to other games to ghost tales, these easter eggs were a joy to find.

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GTA 5 Online is a world worth exploring

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With Grand Theft Auto 6 rumours and speculation continuing to emerge, we speculate over the GTA 6 missions and mini-games that could appear in Rockstar’s next action-adventure game.

With the sixth year anniversary approaching since the release of the last instalment, and Rockstar Leeds recently advertising for a new role which we believe has a direct link to GTA 6, we are hopeful of an official announcement soon.

In the past, we have written about certain mini-games, weapons, and cars that need to return in GTA 6, but there are always multiple hidden features throughout GTA games.

Easter eggs have been common throughout all of Rockstar titles, from little to small there is always an ample amount for players to discover. With this in mind, what are the best ones that the publisher should take note of for GTA 6?

Clap Trap

Photo via Rockstar Games

Perhaps one of the most popular and loved characters in all of video games, the beloved Clap Trap from 2K Games Borderlands series has been seen multiple times throughout GTA 5’s story mode. His classic paint job is synonymous with the game and can be picked out from a distance. 

You can spot Clap Trap in multiple construction sites throughout Los Santos and it is a subtle but funny easter egg for players to find. With the upcoming Borderlands 3 release set for next month, we may see another Borderlands reference in GTA 6 to pay homage to other game studios greatest hits.

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One of the unique features that Rockstar Games implemented into GTA 5 was the hidden UFOs around Los Santos. There were four confirmed UFOs around the entire map, with three of the four appearing after you get 100% completion in GTA5, a staggering task in itself.

Once you get the 100% completion rating, you are able to dive underwater to the hidden one and take control of it and essentially wreak havoc across Los Santos. Perhaps one of the coolest easter eggs ever implemented into a game, a different version of this easter egg seems like a must for GTA 6.

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Photo via Rockstar Games

Early on in GTA 5’s life cycle, there were many rumours circulating that there was a bigfoot sighting somewhere in the Los Santos mountains.

Although these rumours were pushed aside for the majority there was a mission dedicated solely to bigfoot later on, in this mission Franklin meets a hunter who says that he has been on a sasquatch’s tail for eight years (GTA San Andreas had been released nine years prior to GTA 5).

They then see Bigfoot running through the mountains as you try and get a glance of it. If a player completes 100% of the game like the UFO easter egg, there is a hidden sequence of animals you need to find in order for you to unlock the bigfoot costume.

An easter egg that was nearly nine years in the works, it was one of the best in GTA history and hopefully, we get one like it in GTA 6.

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