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Is Gotham Knights set in the Arkham Games?

batgirl from gotham knight in an alternative outfit

Gotham Knights look to set up a world where Batman is dead and his young proteges take up the job of keeping Gotham safe. You may be wondering if the death of Batman has anything to do with how the Arkham Knight game ended (if you completed the Knightfall Protocol).

Well, you would be right to have suspicions has Gotham Knights developer, Warner Bros Montreal, also stepped in to create Batman: Arkham Origins, meaning they already have a familiarity with the Arkham series. So, once and for all, is Gotham Knights set in Batman Arkham Universe?

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Is Gotham Knights set in the Arkham Universe?

Yes! Gotham Knights will pick up exactly where Batman: Arkham Knight left off. Well, almost.

gotham knights protagonists red hood, robin, batgirl and nightwing
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If you played Arkham Knight through to the post-story events which saw the Knightfall Protocol activated and Wayne Manor destroyed, Gotham Knights will provide some additional context to the ending before thrusting you right into the original Gotham Knights story.

Is Batman Really Dead?

As much as we would love to argue otherwise, it really does seem like Batman is dead, at least the Bruce Wayne incarnation. Of course, a return from beyond the grave is always a possibility, just look at how many times Ra's Al Ghul has been resurrected using the Lazarus Pit!

gotham knights open world screenshot
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Gotham will still be safe without the Dark Knight

One thing that does tend to stick, however, is hero deaths. We spent plenty of time building up Red Hood, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Robin during the other Arkham games. It would be a waste to take quite a meaningful moment and not give the other characters a chance to shine.

Passing on the Batman mantle is something that has been a constant in the comics and has produced some of the most exciting story arcs in the history of the character.

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