God of War on PC: Everything we know about Kratos' venture onto Steam

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We can't believe it's finally happening. Playing 2018's God of War is an experience everyone should be able to have access to - regardless of your chosen platform. It looks like someone - at the very least - at Sony and Santa Monica Studios agrees with that sentiment. God of War is coming to PC sooner than you might think. Here's what we know...

UPDATE - God of War confirmed for PC release

Santa Monica Studios' God of War has been confirmed to be coming to PC on January 14th, 2022. PlayStation has revealed that the PC version of God of War will come with "true 4K resolution, unlocked framerates" and a wide range of graphical options that can help you "fine-tune your visual experience".


There's also going to be widescreen resolution support if you have a wide monitor... It looks like Kratos' latest adventure is going to look as good as it can on PC and we can't wait to see more from this release.

God of War spotted on SteamDB

We know this is far from an official confirmation, but Santa Monica Studios' God of War has been spotted on SteamDB. You can see the listing for yourself at this SteamDB link here.


If you don't know what SteamDB is, it's really quite simple. SteamDB is a database of everything on Steam - basically. It tracks updates to games, new listings, and offers users quite a lot of interesting information about their own Steam accounts. It's a 3rd party tool, but one that can be used alongside Steam to keep on top of everything happening.

Should we trust this listing, then? That remains to be seen. SteamDB is a strictly factual service, so it doesn't peddle rumours and leaks. This means that when something like God of War pops up on SteamDB, it's been added to Steam.

God of War PC
LETS GO - Imagine the mods people will make, too!

So... We want to say yes, you should trust SteamDB and the fact that God of War has been spotted on Steam - which means God of War is going to be coming to PC. We know Sony, PlayStation, and Santa Monica Studios hasn't announced anything just yet, though. So... Take this with a pinch of salt.


God of War Ragnarok doesn't have a solid release date yet - we only know it's coming in 2022 - and we don't think it's going to launch on PC. However, the fact that God of War could be coming to PC is a fantastic sign in opening up more PlayStation games to the wider gaming community.

The listing was spotted by Nibel, as you can see in the Tweet below: