*BREAKING* God of War SEQUEL coming 2021 for PS5! Ragnorok, Release Date, Teaser, and more!

Kratos is set for his next chapter in the epic series, but what exactly is he up against this time around?

by Ramzi Musa
God of War Sequel

WOW! Sony’s PS5 Showcase has absolutely blown us away yet again, especially with the ultimate in teasers for the next God of War game!

Here’s everything we know so far!

God of War Ragnorok?

The ominous showing for the next God of War title included only a few things – and gameplay and cinematic footage were certainly not on the list!

But that wasn’t a bad thing by any means, as what we got was the most chilling, and goosebump causing teaser we’ve seen in recent years.

Hearing Kratos’ voice say, ‘The time grows near, you must prepare yourself’, while a icy ring with seemingly Nordic markings engraved into it appeared on a jet black screen – was absolutely incredible!

God of War
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The big question is, what is the title? If it is God of War Ragnorok, it would tie in with the (spoiler alert) subtle doom hinted at the end of the last game.

It would feel appropriate to the series, however, we don’t have any official title just yet. But we do know one thing…

Release Date

2021 flashed on the screen, which does tell us that we can expect it in the new year. However, it doesn’t tell us how soon!

Could we be waiting till November 2021 to experience the next chapter of Kratos’ story? Or will it fall earlier in the year in the clawing hands of every God of War fan out there? (We sincerly hope it’s the latter).

What else was revealed?

Well, the massive news revealed was finally the price and release date of the PS5! Take a look below and behold!

PS5 price
PS5 release dates

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Ramzi Musa