Ghost Recon Breakpoint Is Free For a Limited Time

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Ubisoft is making its latest entry in the Ghost Recon saga free but only for a limited time.

Here is everything about it, including how to download it.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint for free

To celebrate its new crossover event with Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Amber Sky, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is now available for free.

Players have the chance to download the full game, alongside all of its post-launch expansions, from January 21st until January 25th. Keep in mind this offer is only available for PC players, so this is not your promo if you play on consoles.

Any progress made during this test period will carry over to the full game if you decide to buy it afterwards.

How to download?

There are two ways you can download trial, using Ubisoft Connect directly or through the Epic Games Store.

To download the game via Ubisoft Connect, you only have to access this link. In there, you only have to sign-in using your Ubisoft account and the trial will be automatically added to your library so you can download it from the Ubisoft Connect launcher.

For the second option, you might want to head to this link. It will redirect to the game's page on the Epic Games Store, and you just have to click Get on the Trial Weekend listing to add it to your library.

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Lastly, you'll have to download it using the Epic Games launcher.

Operation Amber Sky

If you are unaware of the new event, Operation Amber Sky is basically a crossover dedicated to Rainbow Six Siege fans.


Just like the trial period, the event kicked-off on January 21st and it introduces 9 new missions starring three Siege operators: Ash, Thatcher, and Finka.

OPERATORS INBOUND - Some Siege operators are now in Breakpoint
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OPERATORS INBOUND - Some Siege operators are now in Breakpoint

By playing these missions, you'll get a chance to unlock the skins for all three of the aforementioned operators.

This is not the first time Rainbow Six has a collaboration with a Ghost Recon game as Wildlands had its own side story starring Twitch, Caveira, and Valkyrie in 2018.

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