Ghost of Tsushima Singleplayer DLC Might Be On The Way

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Ghost of Tsushima came out last year to great fanfare and has received tonnes of new updates since.

Since its release, it has received a huge multiplayer mode but news on its single-player has been a little sparse. Luckily, today we received some interesting leaks on the future of the game.


Last week, we saw hints at a PC release but there's a chance this was a red herring. Here's everything we know.

The Ghost of Tsushima Single-player DLC Leak

Twitter user and YouTuber, Dealer Gaming, hinted at something big over on their Twitter. Initially, it might not seem like that big of a hint but how people responded afterwards hints at something much bigger.


It simply says "Ghost of Tsushima expanding to new horizons.." but well-known ResetEra user and leaker somewhat confirmed this in a thread, even if they weren't happy to see that information get out there.

Ghost of Ikishima

In response to these leaks, Nick, the co-founder of Xbox Era confirmed some details he's aware of for the upcoming DLC. He said it will be called Ghost of Ikishima (recently confirmed it will likely be called ghost and not ghosts)


He confirmed it is "expandalone", meaning it will likely be available to purchase separately, much like Uncharted Lost Legacy, and is aiming for a release in 2021.

In a later tweet, he clarified the DLC will be similar to Gears of War 5's Hivebusters in size.

We don't know what the download size or price will be but we can expect it to be somewhat similar to other expandalone DLCs. Expect all the latest updates on the release date and information here at RealSport as we find out more.