Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut Coming This Year

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Ghost of Tsushima released just under a year ago to critical receptions and plenty of fanfare. Picking up multiple game of the year awards and even more sales, it makes sense fans would be clamouring for even more time in the world.

Fans and media alike have been speculating about a new sequel or standalone expansion for a while but turns out players aren't done with that story just yet. We finally received news on the director's cut.

The Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut Announcement

PlayStation announced on their official Twitter account that the new expanded version of the game would be coming out later this year. Players can play it for themselves on August 20th.

This announcement came with a brand new trailer showing the game in black and white, only for it to burst with colour as "Director's Cut" hits the screen. This is then followed by action shots, all taken on the PS5.

What Does This Mean?

This comes with a brand new story expansion, exploring the Iki Island. We don't know how big that expansion will be but there's a good chance this was the "Legends of Ikishima" DLC we've been hearing about.

Alongside this comes higher graphical fidelity, better textures, and likely a high FPS mode. Alongside this, you will find new armour, mini-games, enemies and all sorts.


As well as this, you can expect to see new features for the PS5 controller's haptic feedback and adaptive triggers alongside new 3D audio functions and 4k resolution options.

Expect the latest updates on what's new and how to play the next DLC later this year on RealSport. There are still some unanswered questions that we hope to answer at launch in August.

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