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Gfinity Challenger Series returns with special delivery from Domino’s

Many aspire to be a professional gamer in the esports industry. Gfinity have been at the forefront of giving those gamers a chance, with the Gfinity Challenger Series allowing gamers at home to take the first steps towards the professional scene.

The Challenger Series is back for Season 4, meaning anyone can sign up to strut their stuff in FIFA 18, Rocket League and Street Fighter V from July 30th.

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How far will you go?

Players in the Challenger Series will compete for cash prizes and G-points, with the more G-points earned putting players higher up in the standings. The Challenger Series is free and feeds into the Gfinity Elite Series, with player competing online from home to move up the rankings. The higher-ranked players will be eligible for the Gfinity Elite Draft at the end of the season. 

FIFA 18 player Rannerz of AS Roma Fnatic came through the Challenger Series in Season 3, going all the way and winning the Elite Series, and has now gone full-time into esports.

The Elite Series will once again take place at the Gfinity Esports Arena in London and will be broadcast to millions of viewers around the globe on Facebook. 

Domino’s take a slice of the action

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Gfinity have announced Domino’s will become Presenting Partner of the Gfinity Challenger and Elite Series until December 2020. This is the biggest commercial deal in Gfinity’s history and the pizza restaurant chain will have a significant presence during the Challenger and Elite Series.


Gary Cook, Executive Chairman at Gfinity said: "We are delighted to have entered into a multi-year strategic partnership with Domino’s. It is a testament to the continued growth of esports and the quality of the Gfinity Elite Series. 

"Esports has become the entertainment of choice for brands looking to connect with young adult consumers. It is exciting, it is growing, and it is full of opportunity."

Open to all

The Gfinity Challenger Series is open to players of different abilities. If you are new to gaming, you can compete in the Contender Cups, with more experienced players showcasing their talents in Competitor Cups. More G-points are available in the Competitor competitions. 

The Gfinity Elite Series runs for six weeks from 30th July, and it is free to enter for all EU gamers.

To sign up, visit www.challenger.gfinityesports.com.