Gfinity announces launch of MTG Rocks

Today it has been announced that, our partner, Gfinity, has launched a new Magic The Gathering website called MTG Rocks.

For over 25 years, MTG has been one of the hottest trading card games, bringing millions of players across the world together.

MTG Rocks

MTG Rocks is a platform for all things Magic: The Gathering, the popular collectable and digital collectable card game.

It will cover the traditional trading card game, Magic: The Gathering Arena (the online video game), and all other areas of MTG, providing the latest news and guides to the ever-growing community.

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expand image joins Gfinity Digital Media that currently comprises five wholly-owned gaming websites,;;;;, which attract 14 million users per month combined.

Why Magic: The Gathering?

Magic: The Gathering has been around for over 25 years and the community continues to grow. MTG Arena was released in 2018, a new premier way to play the game on PC and Mac, with a mobile release arriving in 2021.

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According to Bloomberg, nearly three million active users were playing MTG Arena in 2019, a number which is expected to grow to nearly 11 million gamers this year. There’s a market of around 250 million people who are into collectable or trading card games, and MTG’s total community spanned across 35 million players in 2018 (Business Insider).

The release of MTG Arena brought a new dimension to the game – esports.

Following the release of Arena, MTG Twitch channels jumped from around 30 concurrent streams a month in January 2018 to 165 in September 2018. By 2020, over 62 million hours of MTG was watched on Twitch across the year (TwitchTracker).

MTG’s standing as an esports title proper was cemented by its total prize pool of $1.6 million in 2020, making it the 17th highest game in esports earnings across the year (EsportsEarnings).

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MTG’s surge in recent years is only getting bigger. Hasbro, the popular toy and boardgame brand, is the parent company of ‘Wizards of the Coast’ which owns MTG. Hasbro has big plans for the esports side of MTG, as they look to capitalise on the huge growth of the sector, which they consistently mention in their quarterly reports.

Upcoming expansions to the world of MTG include an online action RPG, Magic: Legends, and a new Netflix show directed by the Russo Brothers, as MTG looks to attract to new audiences with a wider appeal.

With MTG set to be available across gamer’s phones, tablets and computers, all with a beautiful UI and a renewed focus on esports, Gfinity Digital Media is primed to take advantage of this growth opportunity.

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