Gen. G looking to blaze new path for future of Esports

With the hiring of Jordan Sherman as their Head of Sponsorship and Revenue, Gen. G have tapped into traditional sports as they build for the future.

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Photo Credit: Gen.G

Gen. G, formerly known as KSV, appears to have completed a month-long whirlwind of rebranding with the appointment of Jordan Sherman as their new Head of Sponsorship and Revenue. The operative word is appears since Sherman’s task will be to continue spinning that whirlwind in the form of finding corporate partners to keep Gen. G as the most prominent team across the vast swatch of esports throughout the globe.

After stints with Major League Baeball Advance Media and the Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA over the first two decades of the 21st century, Sherman witnessed the explosive growth of technology and how to harness its potential. While with MLBAM, Sherman recalled how the league decided to “consolidate instead of letting teams run websites” and how MLB was the first to live stream games in 2002 as the eventual precursor to in 2010.

By the time he joined the Clippers organization, Sherman saw similarities in how teams and the league market their players in the potential of esports in the form of the popular 2K NBA games and his curiosity was piqued.

“I always keep my eye on ways to use technology and social media to engage fans and enhance the in-game experience,” Sherman explained. “The NBA does a phenomenal job of marketing its players. With the Clippers, I saw the potential of 2K, where it was going and I did a deep dive.

“Esports is global in nature and it’s wide open, which leagues, which teams are the best, who fans will follow. I have an opportunity to apply what I learned and where it’s going with this ownership group from a league and brand perspective.”