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G2 and Their Race to Win LEC Summer 2022

G2 was considerably underrated before their win of the spring playoffs in LEC 2022. With a stunning 12-0 win, the team's spirits have continued to carry into the summer split.

With the takedowns on Team Vitality, Misfits Gaming, Fnatic, and Rogue, G2 put up a worthy fight against their opponents in this split.

Due to the spring splits win, G2 has kept their roster the same since and when you "create a team of winners" why would you want to change it?

G2's LEC Spring Split Win

The start of play-offs for the spring split was tough for G2. Being faced against Fnatic is not only a tough game but Fnatic's social presence adds extra pressure. This match left them in the lower bracket. From this setback, they went on to annihilate Team Vitality with a 3-0 stomp. Misfits were next to feel the wrath of G2 as they also trampled them as they found themselves in the semi-finals.

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A beautiful early bot-lane dive from Jankos in the first game saw G2 pick up First Blood in under three minutes and the game stayed in their favour from there on out. A fight at Baron, 25 minutes in led to G2 pushing them back and also taking the baron. The game ended at 29 minutes.

Their final game was against Fnatic, not one to be knocked down, they picked a team-fighting comp and was sealed with a quadra kill from Jankos that led to an open nexus and the win. Their LEC title was won by a sneaky Baron which ended the game shortly after.

G2 and the Summer Split of LEC 2022

G2 have had a phenomenal start to this split compared to the spring playoffs. Week one of the LEC saw the team go 3-0 with their wins. Once again they are proving their prowess as the best team in the LEC.

Game one saw them fight against Astralis, with their already big egos, their confidence could be seen when playing. Their 4k gold lead seemed to be wasted as they hesitated. This soon stopped as they got four kills in one fight and the game had a swift turn-around.

Game two saw a little less stomping as they fought Rogue Gaming. The leads kept swapping as they both worked hard to keep a rollercoaster game for the first ten minutes. Suddenly a captured dragon soul meant that they had the game.

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Game three saw G2 play again Excel. With the former bot lane in tow, the team had an advantage against their former teammates. This effortless game saw many fights but left with another win for G2.

The only team to have a 100 percent win record so far, G2 are very much looking for another win this summer split for LEC.

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