We spoke to the team behind Fractured Veil about their upcoming debut project

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It can't be an easy thing to sit in a room among your peers and decide on a project to work on that you may end up committing years of your life to. In the case of Fractured Veil, this process might have been a bit easier due to a shared passion and interest in the games source material.

We'll take you through a bit more about what Fractured Veil is and plans to become after launch as well as some of our chat with the team at Paddle Creek Games.


The World of Fractured Veil

During my conversation with Jenn from the team behind Fractured Veil, one quote really stood out to me that sets the tone for how the game views its audience;

"We want to make sure anyone, looking for any experience, can find it within Fractured Veil"

Naturally, it's impossible to create a game that will cater to everyone's needs or desires but why should that stop anyone from trying?

With Fractured Veil planning to be an MMO built around survival and crafting elements, it's clear that Paddle Creek has set their sights on an inclusive game that will be kind to newcomers and offer long time players the challenges they crave.

Fractured Veil Screenshot Character

Fractured Veil is set in Hawaii, not your typical location for a video game, but one that may just be its biggest asset. I asked whether the decision behind Hawaii was one driven by being different for the sake of difference or whether something else had driven this unique choice of setting.


"We had personal ties to the island and it felt like the right choice for us to build this world that we and our players want to spend all of our time in"

"Building out this post-apocalyptic Hawaii has been unique for us as we've incorporated so many elements of Hawaiian culture even down to our melee weapons inspired by Hawaiian culture and named as such. We also plan to translate the game into the native tongue for anyone who wishes to experience this"

It seems like more than enough care and consideration is going into the choice of location and Fractured Veil will do Hawaii justice, as much as it can despite the post-apocalyptic setting that is!

Long-Term Planning

Fractured Veil will be a game that aims to ease its new players in without hampering the experience for core long-term players, the dream of any MMO type game. To ensure this, a balance will need to be maintained that isn't going to be easy;

"We'll try to introduce starter quests that will have players spread out across the map, which is 64km, so it's huge. PvP interested players will have their preferred areas just like the PvE crowd and we'll have the safe areas with vendors and such too."

"We want to make sure that new players can hang out with other new players and we want to ensure none of our players feels alienated based on what they want to do in the game."

Fractured Veil Action Shot

This kind of long term strategy aims to look after all types of players and can only benefit Fractured Veil in the long run. So many similar titles abandon either their new player base or the hardcore veterans because they find the balance too hard or just don't see the benefit.

The Horror Within

There are plenty of AI enemies that you can encounter in Fractured Veil and it's here that the tone of the game is set. Horrible mutant cannibals are your main antagonists each with their own abilities and traits.

"When it comes to the mutants, it's all about giving the player these thrilling moments when you're trying to accomplish your tasks. All of a sudden you're being chased by these cannibals and if you don't burn their bodies, more will spawn, it's a rush."

Fractured Veil Big Bob

One of the enemies that caught my eye from some alpha screenshots was Big Bob who appeared to be a boss of sorts. Here's what Jenn had to say on Big Bob and the plans for future world bosses;

"Big Bob is our alpha Mutant who is super buffed. Don't be deceived by his walking aid with tennis balls on the feet, he is tough! We also have some lore built-in around a Green Lady who may become a similar type of enemy."

"With Big Bob, it was about how can we be a bit silly with the design but with the Green Lady we're looking to incorporate Hawaiian culture into her designs which will be really cool"

Fractured Veil Plantshot

Fractured Veil has all of the foundations in place to be an incredible project but the team are keen to make sure they can open up the game to more players before a full launch. The team will be starting a Kickstarter soon to help fund the game which is sure to create some amazing stretch content if they hit their goals.