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What Time Does FF7 Remake Intergrade Release?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake was a pretty remarkable achievement when you think about it; Square Enix was able to remake one of the most beloved RPG's of all time, and they mostly pulled it off without a hitch.

Fast forward a year from launch, and the release of Intergrade, a piece of episodic DLC for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, is about to launch itself.

Millions of fans returned for 7 Remake, and similarly Intergrade looks like it is going to be huge. So when exactly can you expect to dive into this Yuffie-focused DLC?

Intergrade Release Time
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SO SOON - Final Fantasy Remake Intergrade will release on June 10

FF7 Remake Intergrade Release Time

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is set to launch on June 10, 2021.

Remake Intergrade will become available at 12 am local time.


The PlayStation Store will, in most cases, launch new games regionally, with the game becoming available as soon as your local region reaches the appointed time.

Preloading is available, so if you have purchased Intergrade, make sure the download has begun so you are ready to dive in at the moment the clock strikes 12!

New Features

Intergrade is an episodic piece of DLC focusing on a fan-favourite party member, Yuffie, a ninja and agent of the nation of Wutai.

While in the original release of Final Fantasy 7, players did not encounter Yuffie until they had left Midgar, in the Remake version of the storyline, Yuffie has travelled to the city on a top-secret assignment.

In addition to the new Yuffie chapters, Intergrade adds a plethora of enhancements for PS5 players to enjoy.

On the technical front, PS5 players will be able to play through the entire game at a crisp 60fps, something that an action-focused game like FF7 Remake could really benefit from.

From the quality of life improvements to graphical enhancements to a new difficulty and a whole lot more besides, Intergrade is an entire package.