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RealSport Reviews: FIA European Truck Racing Championship

If you are looking for super cars flying around a track or muscle cars drifting past corners then... 

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FIA is not your average racing car game, in fact there are no cars involved. Big heavy trucks battle for a podium finish at lower speeds on busy tracks all over the world. 

Real world drivers such as Adam Lacko and the UK's David Robinson are all licensed in the game alongside other world renowned truck racing drivers. 

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Here is what we really think about FIA Truck Racing Championship:

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Main Menu


There are only three tabs on the main menu titled: Solo, Multiplayer and Extras. 

The Solo menu is the offline part of the game. You can start a Career, do a quick race, start a championship, run time trials and take part in weekly events.

These game modes feel undercooked with very little sense of achievement in completing them. Unless you are trying to unlock Xbox achievements & PS trophies , you should really spend most of your time on Career Mode as the other modes do not give you anything to work for. 


Creating your player on FIA is pointless. You cannot change your appearance, skill set or any other key components that add to your driving experience. All is available is adding your name and country to give you a sense of identity to a user you cannot even see. Lack of detail like this ruins any sense of personal achievement when completing career as you could've been anyone and done the same job. 

Similarly to past Gran Turismo games, FIA makes you obtain your license before you can begin competing. A series of tests to help improve and learn the game can be crucial in becoming a better truck racer.

The climax of your very indistinctive career is signing for a team and winning either the European Truck Racing Championship or the World Series. If the achievement in signing for a team isn't enough, we recommend just completing a championship to save navigating through a very basic Career Mode menu with nothing to do other than race.

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Time trial

Pretty self-explanatory, trying to beat the AI across many tracks in the world can be fun but not something you can sit through for hours on end. 


Quick Race

Like in every racing car game, the option to jump into a race of your choice is a necessity in success. FIA have done this basic job well and there can be no complaints in this area.

Let it be known that across all the game modes gameplay feels the same, depending on the difficulty. Once you get your license in the career, you drive just like as if you was driving on quick race. 

Weekly Events

Will be available as more events through the Truck Racing Championship season are completed. We could not play any as the season has not yet begun 


In terms of multiplayer options, FIA European Truck Racing Championship offers split-screen and online racing. Players can create or search for events that match their requirements, or they can just jump into quick races. 

Gaming Mechanics

The importance of cooling breaks whilst racing is a nice touch added to give the driving simulation a sense of realism. 


However, these can be changed so that you do not need to worry about any of the typical driving functions of a real life truck. This would strip it down to a very base driving game of larger and slower vehicles and would be pretty boring. 

We suggest you keep the break cooling system on so the game doesn't feel as boring to play. 


The trucks look great, scratches and dents that occur replicate real life ones too. However, the backgrounds and stands and all the peripheries do lack that little bit of extra of magic. 

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The game is available on PS4, Xbox 1 and PC via Steam for £49.99. You can also pre-order it now for Nintendo switch the price of £49.99 with free delivery from GAME which will be released on August 5th.

RealSport Rating: 6/10

If going slow and driving trucks is your thing then by all means, this is the game for you. 

Despite that, the limited depth in game modes will stop you from putting many hours into the game. The potential of this game is high but more in-depth game modes that feel rewarding is what players want after driving slowly for 10 minutes around a track not just a Xbox achievement. 

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