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FFXIV Levelling Guide - How to Quickly Level Up Your Jobs

FFXIV Lets players play multiple jobs and classes. Here is how you can level them up fast

One of the key selling points of Final Fantasy XIV ( FFXIV) is the ability for one character to access all of the available classes and jobs that Eorzea has to offer, a rare feature for MMORPGs.

When starting FFXIV, you'll need to pick your first class which will likely be your main job if not one of a couple once you gain access to the later expansions and content.

All jobs after that will need to be levelled up from their starting level also, meaning that finding the quickest method possible of boosting yourself to the desired level is essential so here is a small levelling guide to help you speed up the process.

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Early Game FFXIV Levelling (1-16)

FFXIV's early game has many classes to choose from.
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The early game portions of FFXIV feature a lot of potential classes for you to choose from spread across the starting cities of Ul'dah, Gridania and Limsa Lominsa.

A Realm Reborn jobs are a little different when compared to those added afterwards, with all of them having a unique preceding class up until level 30 at which point they become the more evolved job.

The easiest way to quickly gain levels for these classes is by completing the various hunting log targets for each of the tiers. These will allow your to rapidly level up, letting you unlock your class quests to gain more abilities and gain even more EXP.

We also recommend doing any FATEs you come across while adventuring across the various areas in Eorzea. We only recommend the FATEs that require fighting a bunch of smaller enemies instead of one boss enemy, though if enough other players are around, the boss-fight FATEs are also worth doing.

This basic strategy should see you hit level 16 very quickly with any and all of the classes with ease, allowing you to move onto some of the more complex parts of the games.

First Dungeons and Mid Game (16-50)

Once you hit level 16 in FFXIV the way to level-up changes.
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Once you hit level 16 with any class and have, it's time to mix things up with your approach, with your first three dungeons (Sastasha at level 15, Tam-Tara Deepcroft at 16 and Copperbell Mines at 17) now taking priority.

Start by doing your Duty Roulette: Levelling daily, queueing for the highest level dungeon available to you while doing things like your Challenge Logs.

This is also where you should strive to unlock the first Deep Dungeon known as Palace of the Dead by completing the "The House That Death Build" quest found in New Gridania. This dungeon has no party composition requirements leading to shorter queue times and reaching floors 51-60 and running that over and over again can be a great way to gain a lot of EXP.

FFXIV Levelling (50-60)

Once you hit level 50 in FFXIV, more levelling options become available to you
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Level 50-60 is mostly the same as the previous mid-game levelling in terms of what's best but you will also gain access to the Clan Hunts which will give you a specific target to kill in exchange for Centurio Seals, Gil and experience.

To unlock these, you like need to reach Second Lieutenant in your Grand Company and begin the quest "Let the Hunt Begin" followed by "Let the Clan Hunt Begin" which will help you reach the next level milestone.

FFXIV Levelling (60-70)

When you hit FFXIV levels 60-70 you will unlock the next dungeon
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For levels 60-70 in FFXIV, your daily Duty Roulettes are going to be your best friend still but there are two new methods unlocked within this range that allow you to mix up the grind just that little bit more.

The first of these is actually the next deep dungeon you will encounter called "Heaven-on-High". This dungeon is unlocked at level 61 via the "Knocking on Heaven's Door" from The Ruby Sea.

Doing this dungeon will not only give you EXP but also give you progress on the special Empyrean Aetherpool Weapons at the same time but it can be a very tedious process so you shouldn't stick to just this.

The second new method available to players during this range is the Veteran Clan Hunts, a good way to stop the dungeon-crawling grind driving you mad.

FFXIV Levelling (70+)

FFXIV features battles with large enemies in its end-game
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Once you hit level 70+ in FFXIV, not much will change outside of doing quests, doing your daily Duty Roulettes, running through dungeons and any of the various tribe quests available to you.

The Bozjan Southern Front is also likely to be a major source of exp income for you at this range, being a standalone instance in patch 5.35 that lets you partake in a unique storyline where you tackle skirmishes and Critical Engagements.

A very good way to break up the monotony of duty-grinding while giving some new story content for players who want every last lore tidbit.

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