Far Cry 6 Preload and Release Time Details

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Far Cry 6 is out for everyone worldwide now, but you'll probably want to get into the action as early as possible by preloading the game. Even in the modern space, it's a pain to wait for a brand new game to download and install updates when all you want to do is get going.

So that you can do so yourself, here's everything you need to know about when you can preload Far Cry 6 and when you can get playing.


Latest - Far Cry 6 Out Now

The need to preload is over... Far Cry 6 is out worldwide now.

You can download the game whenever you'd like and jump in immediately. Do be aware, however, the game can be up to 90GB on next-gen consoles.

Far Cry 6 Preload Available Now

It has come a little later than hoped, but you can now preload Far Cry 6 on PS4 and PS5. On PlayStation, preloading was not be available until 48-hours before the release of the game. Now that we're at October 5, though, it's possible for everyone.


You can preload Far Cry 6 right now if you have pre-purchased the game on Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S, too. If you have automatic downloads turned on, this should have already started. If not, you can download the game manually from 'My Games & Apps'.

If you're playing on PC, it's expected that the dates should be the same as on PlayStation meaning pre-load will be available on 5 October. It's common that pre-loading will only take care of the main game files while leaving the day one patch out.

If this is the case, there will still be a small download required to play the game on release day.


Release Time

Far Cry 6 is due out on Thursday, 7 October Worldwide. There will be one of two possible release times based on the developer preference. The game will either unlock at midnight in your local region or will release at midnight PST.

If they did choose for the game to release at midnight PST, this translates to 03:00 EST / 08:00 BST. It's not too common for games to use the PST approach anymore but it's always a possibility. Once the game is pre-loaded there should be a time to indicate its exact release time on PlayStation and PC.